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I’ve been busy working on a few new beautiful spring paintings…I can’t wait to show them to you. Think flowers and butterflies!

But first, I thought it’d be nice to share this new print! It’s a reproduction of a mixed media painting I created that won Design For Mankind’s postcard contest! It’s all about love and feeling the warmth of home, wherever that might be. It’s now available as a print in my Art Shop!


  1. So lovely!

  2. So sweet! Good luck with the contest!

  3. This is lovely Juliette! I love how shes hugging her home, how sweet! :-)

  4. What a lovely print! Very sweet picture! I was wondering with the art prints in your shop, do you get them professionally printed or can you do it on your own computer? I was thinking of putting a few prints of my paintings in my shop…..

  5. I love your art!!! congratulations!!

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