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happy holidays!

a few of my favorite christmas trees through the years… this is the first tree that was my very own. i remember i went out and got it on a whim just before the holiday. the only decorations i had were these little glass red and green balls, so i cut out lots of construction paper stars to fill in the tree!

my first tree with brian…we lived in a converted warehouse building at the time with these wonderful exposed brick walls, so we went with the tallest tree we could find and decorated it with lots of blue lights and silver tinsel! i believe that gorgeous skirt is one my mom crocheted and the one we still enjoy!

the first tree in our home… i bought a little blue spruce so that i could plant it in the garden the next spring. it didn’t live past the summer, but i planted a new tree in its place. 

the first at my sister-in-laws home (i just adore that tree!)…

and celebrating with my brother at my grandmother’s house as kids…

and i just love these photos of my parents with santa as kids. we put together a photo slideshow for our family a few years ago and realized my parents had seen the very same santa in the same year in these two photos! 

it’s amazing how paths can cross like that!


happy holidays!!!

may your holidays be filled with lots of love and joy! i’ll be taking a few days off to celebrate with friends and family, but i’ve scheduled lots of posts here for you to enjoy! 


  1. This was a lovely post. I love the Christmas trees and how nice that you took pictures of them. What a funny coincidence of the “same Santa” in your parents' pictures. Isn't it interesting how our lives cross each other, even before we realize it.

  2. i love the idea that our lives cross one another…i have a feeling that happens more that we ever know 🙂

    happy holidays!

  3. Great post:)Have a Merry Xmas full of joy:)

  4. I lve how your parents lives crossed before they met! Merry Chrismas to you.

  5. The first picture is playing tricks on my eyes … is it crooked or is it just the angle? 🙂

    I love Christmas trees, they are just so magical and often hold many treasured memories.

    Merry Christmas, Juliette!

  6. A wonderful trip down Christmas Lane! How amazing that your parents told their childhood secrets to the same Santa….so sweet! I love the look on your Mom's face…pure enchantment 🙂

    Have a merry & magical Christmas!!

  7. that's funny, julie…if i remember, i got that tree for it's odd shape 🙂 i'm sure it wasn't leaning as much as it seems in the photo…but just enough for character 🙂

    i so agree about my mother's face…it could be a shot from a film…so sweet 🙂

    happy holidays!
    xo, juliette

  8. What wonderful pictures:O) Love the pics of your parents with Santa:O) Thanks for sharing Merry Christmas:O)

  9. those are really cool photos of your parents! how wonderful to have them, and neat story about them seeing the same santa, lol!
    Loved seeing all the trees too!
    have a very Merry Christmas, and enjoy your time off with family

  10. Love your tree and Santa pics! What a great trip down memory lane!

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