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happy holidays!

i’ve got my little norfolk pine all decked out with blue lights and all of our favorite ornaments that we’ve hung since we were kids!
like the first ornament i ever made (sewn and stuffed by hand at five years old…and looking oh, so sweet beside the stocking ornament my mother sewed for me that year).
and this yellow horse that has long been my favorite…always the first one i hang on the tree each year.
somehow i came to have a collection of little santas too. i actually keep them out, hidden in my house plants, year round. 
then there are all of the holiday decorations brian grew up with (that i’ve now grown attached to too). like these sweet angels that sit and sing on top our toilet bowl each year…
this giant nutcracker (that i’m pretty sure actually works, although i would never think of having him around for anything but guarding our home),
and this welcome note on our front door.
ornament made by lola of bead lola bead
and this year i was crazy lucky enough to receive lots of new ornaments for our tree as part of the creative color challenge ornament swap
a beautifully beaded stocking with swirls from  lola!
ornament made by angela digiovanni
a felted ornament with the most fabulous crystals that dance rainbows all around my kitchen in the sunlight from angela digiovanni!
and this gorgeous quilted ornament from annette ross…i am so blown away by the patterns!
ornament by danielle of her painted word.
and then there was also this super sweet surprise from my friend danielle! along with the most wonderful card and note!
i am so thankful i will be hanging them all on my tree each year and remembering just how amazing this past year has been!
happy holidays, everyone!


  1. That little yellow horse is so cute! Love blue lights, have them on our tree too:)

  2. Beautiful ornaments indeed Juliette ! : P

  3. Adorable ornaments full of so much joy! Have a very happy happy and a merry merry holiday season, dahling!!!

  4. Dearest Juliette,

    Thank-you for sharing your Christmas spirit with us. I LOVE seeing other people's decorations and ornaments. Each one seems to have a story, doesn't it?

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and I AM SO looking forward to seeing you in the NEW Year!

    Happy Happy Christmas! xoxo

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