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TITLE: Grace. The Original Painting (5x5inches on wood) and Prints available in my etsy shop.
I really have been painting a ton since I’ve returned from my San Francisco roadtrip. And I must say, that getting back into things after more than a week of not painting, really made me push myself to really express my feelings. 
I tend to work on four or five paintings at once. While one dries, I start another. And it can be so frustrating working on them all at once and feeling like none are going in a happy direction. But I know, all you need to do is show up in the studio and keep at it. And when I’ve overworked them all and everything is drying, the best thing to do is walk away. Then I come back with fresh eyes. 
And with this new painting, I walked away so many times. I had started it even before my vacation, so of course by the time I came back to it, I didn’t feel like it fit me anymore. I covered up the entire thing so many times. How I wish I had documented its evolution, because while she was always a bird, I had tried really hard to make her into a different sort of owl. 
But there’s something about the color pink for me right now. I am loving it, but timid with using it at the same time. Yet pink is so appropriate for me right now. Pink represents grace and softness to me. And everything I am trying to breath into my life right now involves joy, beauty and softness. 
 TITLE: Grace. The Original Painting (5x5inches on wood) and Prints available in my etsy shop.
And so, I was very happy when this girl got her beautiful pink wings. She’s strong, but soft. There’s something I love too about red and pink together, so I just had to add those lovely red flowers at the center of her chest. It’s like Valentine’s day, everyday. 
Then I used that same origami paper cut in half circles along the left edge. The rest of the piece incorporates acrylics, ink, pastels and charcoal. On top, I added my favorite finish, an antique decoupage to really give the entire painting its sense of warmth. To me, looking at this piece is like curling up in front of a roaring fire while it’s snowing softly outside. Complete comfort and GRACE.


  1. So beautiful Juliette…i love “its like Valentines Day everyday” in your post. I tend to work on many pieces at once and know exactly where you are when creating. Have a fabulous week. xx

  2. I love your sweet owls. They have such a loving energy to them. I am so glad I found you on fb. I started art late in life yet I am making up for lost time. I am fortunate to be able to work with my 24 year old daughter and my mother in co-creating a shop to sell our talents. Your whimsical artwork inspires me and uplifts my spirit. It pulls out playfulness and the inner child spirit that is so needed for creativity. Thank you for sharing and I will enjoy following your shop.
    we have 3 etsy shops and
    websites: or

  3. I LOVE your beautiful owl! She has such lovely eyes. ☺

  4. I really like Grace's pink wings. I hope to try some of my doodle's in color sometime this year.Perhaps one day I will even give Etsy a try…right now I am just taking baby steps and visiting inspiring artists such as you.

  5. This little pink winged girl is just beautiful. Your muse must be relaxed and super energized after your week in the fabulous bay area. Happy creating…

  6. Oh, the artwork is so gorgeous, I love how you're so in touch with colours, I am fond of the colour pink too because it means beauty, unconditional love and yes, grace. And I'm fascinated with owls, especially your portrayal of the human-girl element in the bird.

    Just watched Legend of the guardians: Owls of the Ga'hoole yesterday and so apt I bumped into your blog! I'm a fan of your art from now on!

  7. She is such a pretty owl! I love this painting!

  8. I love her wings! She makes me smile. =)

  9. i will definitely check out Legend of the guardians: Owls of the Ga'hoole, eva. sounds very interesting 🙂

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