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girl with red hair

my first ever art journal page! it started as an assignment for misty mawn’s stretching within e-course.
 i began, very tentatively, with a black background. then added an image i was drawn to in an anthropologie catalog (i was really loving the doves above her head).
then i tried painting over the girl’s face and she got this brilliant red hair. i was really amazed at just how reserved i felt with this first art journal page. 
i had all sorts of energy and vibrant brush strokes when it came to laying down color, but as soon as i went into details, i froze. that’s when i layered on more images, like the dragonfly and window.
i still felt like it needed more. i found this rounded shape and pasted it above her head. that’s when my mind started thinking…what is this? and most of the time when i’m painting, i try to stop thinking, but this time i had a lot of emotion, feeling literally caged in, so i went with it. 
drawing this girl all caged in then became incredibly freeing for me. it allowed me to move through that emotion and reminded me just how healing art can be!


  1. I love that you're describing the process of it. Beautiful journal page!

  2. it's beautiful!!!
    this is so cool….:)

  3. Oh cool, this is different from your usual stuff.
    Really interesting.

  4. Wow this is amazing!! Love it! So different than your other work! Very cool! 🙂

  5. So cool!So fun to learn different techniques:O) Thanx for sharing the process:O)

  6. I love how you describe your thinking process. This work is different to your owl work, but I can also see your voice in it, with your use of colour and layers of paint.

  7. So wonderful to see the progress! Lovely! I admire you willingness. Art journaling makes me a wee bit nervous.

  8. Amazing! Thank you for sharing each step of the way. Right now I am currently over thinking something I want to do. This is going to be my inspiration.

  9. I love all the energy in this.

    Just signed up for Flora's workshop on the May retreat in Yorkshire! See you there!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

  10. It's beautiful! I love how expressive your version of the girl is (I like her MUCH better than the original). It will so so interesting so see what you do next!

  11. very very cool …. inspiring!!!!


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