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I found these adorable printable window decals and thought you might enjoy them too. So, I’ve added some of my most popular paintings and am giving away a cute little package of these WINDOW DECALS with every order from my ETSY SHOP!

We have a window in our shower, so I made this extra-large decal, featuring my painting, THE DRAWING GIRL, for added privacy and sweetness.

And a huge thank you to Cat for this lovely blog post, featuring my painting MOON BELLY. Thank you!

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  1. So cute! What a great idea!!

  2. What a great idea!!! Very cute piece too!

  3. I really like your work!

  4. Cute, cute, cute!!
    Your illustrations are so lovely!

  5. Hi Juliette,
    Thanks for the lovely comments. I think the window decal idea is a great one and I just adore
    me and my monster and your combination of paint and paper and fabric in your pieces. Charming.

  6. I just found your etsy shop today…Wonderful work! I LOVE it!

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