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Letting Go + Getting Past the Ugly Stage

In every painting, there’s an ugly stage.

I hit a creative block where I assume my artwork is no good and that I can’t paint anymore. I’ve realized I reach this stage in every painting. Remembering that these blocks are just a part of my process has helped me to not be so hard on myself each time they happen. Then I can stop the emotional roller coaster and pull myself out of it.

Whenever I get frustrated with whatever I am creating, I take a step away.

Sometimes that means I go sketch by the lake, take a walk in the woods, start a new painting, fingerpaint or go back to using my favorite techniques and colors… I do whatever it takes to get myself back to a less serious place, so I can start having fun again.

When I’m at a creative block, I will come up with a million reasons why I can’t or shouldn’t paint.

This often happens when I am trying something new. I’ll be creating a character that looks too weird and all I want to do is cover it up so no one else will ever see it.

To get through this block, I go back and forth between painting that new thing and staying in,my comfort zone, Sometimes I will go back to painting owls or using my favorite blue hues – I do whatever it takes to get me feeling free again.

Happy painting!

With love + gratitude,
xo Juliette

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