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A New Class Offering & Creating Patterns On Paper

Create Magic. 9×12″ on Bristol Paper.

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Lately I just love the meditative process of creating patterns on paper.

I use inks and acrylics to make an abstract flower pattern.

These flowers then inspired my character’s posture and hair.

Once I have a background I am happy with, I pencil in my character with stabilo or pastel.

For this piece, the face came first. But sometimes I will initially see the character’s posture in the background pattern and start from there.

Next, I layer all of my favorite art supplies to bring out the body and face features… oil painsticks, acrylics, more inks, pastels, pencil and pen.

It often feels like the character is getting away from me. I hit what I call the ugly stage.

As soon as that negative voice pops into my head, thinking I can’t possibly paint as well as I did before and that nothing will fall into place, I remember to go back to using my favorite supplies and colors to help bring me back to having fun with my artwork.

For me, that ugly stage and feeling like I can’t paint is just part of my creative process. I’ve learned to just keep having fun and not allow that negativity and self-doubt to take over.

I’m also developing my next online course… WILD AND FREE PAINTING – A Mini Course!

This course has been on my mind for some time. I wanted to create a new class that would help you develop your own unique style in a mini course.

In this online workshop, I’ll share five mixed media projects that will cover a variety of techniques and characters.

That means we’ll draw and paint whimsical animals, feather-haired girls, imaginary creatures, watercolor portraits, lusciously layered backgrounds and more! I’ll also show you how to create a face in under 10 minutes with just a few supplies, so even if you don’t have a lot of space or time, you can still get creative and play.

Registration opens next week. Class begins in April and there will be plenty of time to explore, connect and paint.

I’ll have more details for you closer to the date.

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And, if you know someone who would love to play with art supplies and might be interested in trying out WILD AND FREE PAINTING – the mini course, feel free to share this post (there are links beside the Join The Conversation section above the comments).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. In my online classes, I talk you through my painting process, so you can know just when I feel doubtful and stuck and what I do to turn it all around.

Serendipity – A Year In Painting 1 & 2 are especially good online classes if you’re looking to develop your own style and find your own artistic voice.

Register for my online classes here.

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