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Following Your Dreams & Getting Published

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr Seuss 


One of my favorite things to do is paint at the beach. It’s the desire I first blurted out to an Artist’s Way group in 2009.

We’d been going through the Julia Cameron book of the same name, week after week answering questions that would help us uncover our passions as artists. I’d just started painting again after hiding my creativity away for 10 years.

I loved that supportive group. But when asked what I really wanted to do, I replied, “Paint at the beach.” Even that group gave me looks of impossibility (which of course only fueled my desire to make painting at the beach happen for me).

Now, every year, since I started my business 4 years ago, I’ve been heading to the beach to gather inspiration and to paint.

The sun, the ocean and walking barefoot on the beach completely fills me up.

There’s just something about waking to watch the sunrise and huddling on the sand to admire the sunset each day. It brings out my most natural state.

And that’s definitely something I desire more of for 2015.

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday at Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

I walked and walked and walked, watched the clouds and waves, and I painted (more photos coming soon).

Do you have any dreams that are calling you?

This time of year always gets me thinking about what I’d like to let go of and what I’d love to see more of in my life. I’ll be sure to look for your dreams in the comments of this post.

May all of your dreams come true.

Happy Holidays!

Juliette Crane


Ps. I am so honored to have my artwork featured in the winter issue of Somerset Studio Gallery magazine. They always create such a beautiful spread!

If you’re interested in painting owls together, you can find details on my How To Paint An Owl 1 and 2 online classes here.


  1. I find the beach inspiring also. You and all of your classes that i have taken bliss, abstracts and backgrounds, serendipity and now serendipity 2 have been a huge inspiration for me. I am not afraid to try anything. I love your style of teaching. You have given me the courage to put my work in a art shop, be in a street fair and next year i plan to put my work in more art shows as well as display at a yoga studio. Thank you juliette for helping me become who i have always been, but didnt know it.

    • That is SO fabulous! Congratulations on all of your huge art accomplishments this year. I always enjoy seeing the work you create in class! Can’t wait to hear more about what’s happening for you in the new year!!! xo

  2. Juliette – I am so happy for you! What a wonderful dream to have come true!!! I received your book and have enjoyed it immensely. It has been quite an adventure following you and your dreams. I often wondered what beach you frequented but have always enjoyed the pictures of color you have shared – the beautiful flowers, sunsets and rises. I, too, love the beach – although “love” doesn’t quite describe my feelings for it. What a joy to see dreams come true! I send you great blessings for wishes and dreams coming true for you in the new year.

    • so happy you’re enjoying my book, kay! it’s wonderful to hear from you and i wish you all of the very best this coming year. may all of your dreams come true!!! ps. i’m usually in seaside beach, florida, but these photos are from bradenton beach (a bit further south on anna maria island, fl). xoxo

  3. I also find joy at the beach. Such a peaceful place to create. So good to hear of your dreams coming true! Your artwork is fresh and beautiful.
    My dream is to be able to create a life, that is sustainable, and allows me the ability to paint, handcraft jewelery, and work on my fiber art.

  4. live, work. Love. Create. All in one space. Find a way to give back for all that has been given to me. After a bit of “life happening” a recalibration has opened a world much closer to this ideal. Truly grateful.
    Enjoy the beach! Salt, water. Connection of sea and sky, all so rejuvenating.

  5. Happy Belated Christmas and a very Happy New Year Juliette. I want to thank you for your patience with students such as myself…still haven’t completed “serendipity 1” but will make an attempt to do so asap, so that i might start “serendipity 2” if its’ not too late…also congrads on your book. I’ve received it and it is splediforous and very Juliette. Thank you for everything. shalom

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