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follow your glitter star + favorite inspirations

 TITLE: Follow Your Glitter Star. Original Painting (SOLD). Prints are available in my etsy shop.
I am so excited that my ART SAVES story is featured on today! AND it will be up all week long!

If you’re interested in a little bit about bravery and following your intuition, you can read it right here! And I’ll have two new links to some of my absolute favorite inspirations featured on the crescendoh home page each day.

And, well, I love them so much, I might as well post them right here for you too! 

  TITLE: Be, Phenomenally. The Original Painting + Prints available in my etsy shop.
Today, I chose one of my biggest all-time inspirations, Natalie (Alabama) Chanin! She’s the inspiration behind this painting, BE, PHENOMENALLY, where I used a bit of Natalie’s applique technique for this girl’s dress (I talk more about it in this post here). 
The Alabama Chanin website features some of the finest recipes, especially if you’re a lover of comfort food, and super inspiring articles and links on sustainable living and DIY projects. I’ve been in absolute awe of her clothing ever since I saw her featured in a magazine when she started her first clothing line. I picked up the magazine and it just happened to be one of those days where I was browsing my favorite bookstore for inspiration after work. I think I sat and read her article over and over until they had to kick me out at closing time. It was love at first sight!
For my second crescendoh link, I’ve mentioned Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and her talk on TED. It was one of those things I watched and got tears. It hit my heart so deep. And made me feel not so weird about being an artist and creative. If you haven’t seen it, it’s inspirational and here.
 TITLE: Follow Your Glitter Star. Original Painting (SOLD). Prints are available in my etsy shop.
 And this is a new painting I just finished! I tried so hard to stop painting owls and birds, but then realized, “Why am I trying so hard to stop my inspiration?” So, this weekend I painted a few more owls and birds. While the rest are drying, I thought I’d share this one with you!
For this piece, I was inspired by the glittery feeling I have inside whenever I follow my passion and inspiration. To me, it’s like this gorgeous shining star that exists on the inside and right there over your shoulder too. Whenever you choose to turn around and look for it, it’s there. As a bit of a reminder to FOLLOW YOUR GLITTER STAR. 
This painting was created on a 5×5 inch wood block. I outlined the owl in pen and then filled in the belly with journal pages from vintage notebooks. I added more pages as half rounds like a theater curtain at the top. Then I layered on all sorts of other materials found in my studio-acrylics, ink, pastels, pencil, and glitter. 
I am just loving using glitter these days!  


  1. great post! and congrats on the running of your story. sounds like you are fully enjoying your creative process. that is so great 😉

  2. really loved reading your blog and story. its very encouraging and helpful to read other artists thoughts, insecurities, challenges, and successes. it makes me feel “normal” and inspired. i will definitely be keeping up with your entries!

    with heart,
    rita maria

  3. This is such a juicy post, I just don't know where to start. Shall I head over to Cresendoh or check out these other links or just look at your artwork… What to do first eh?

  4. I love your…EVERYTHING! The article is great, I totally agree with you about the E. Gilbert talk on TED (so, so, so awesome) and love the glitter star idea! You are so clever. Thanks for always inspiring me and opening my mind up to new possibilities!

  5. Olé to you for your Crescendoh story, your “glitter star”, and the rest of your beautiful work!

    Keep listening to your inspiration…


  6. Hey Juliette – I just found your blog via the crescendoh / flying lessons page. Am glad I did. I love your style, and your whole website presentation and all. and follow your glitter star! fabulous. that could be my motto! is it yours?

  7. How wonderful!! All of it! You!! Thank you for such a happy post! I love “Follow Your Glitter Star”! Hugs to you, Juliette! ~Kathy

  8. My dear Juliette.. me simply their love owls and their birds.. you have an unmistakable and only style… so particularly sweet.
    Also taste a lot like you it describes your routine and their longings.. it is very entertaining and human.

  9. I am just loving your use of glitter these days! thanks for sharing all the sparkling bits here.

  10. I just love your paintings…

  11. Hi Juliette, I love your artwork! Your style is so unique and fun. Would you mind sharing what product/technique you use for your antique decoupage topcoat? Thanks and Cheers! Lalove

  12. so wonderful!
    i am on my way over to crescendoh.
    YIPPY for you!
    also love the owls…don.t stop girlfriend.

  13. way to go, juliette! your story and your art are beautiful, just like you!

  14. Woo hoo, Ms. Glitter Star!!!! So way cool to read you on CresendOH. Keep flying high with your adorable owls beside you =-)

  15. Love the interview and your lovely artwork above. Im a massive fan of glitter and your owls. xx

  16. So cute, don't give up painting owls, we love them.

  17. thank you so much, everyone!

    i use Royal Coat's Decoupage Finish in Antique. i love it! i've been meaning to add it to my list of products in the sidebar…coming soon!

    xoxo, juliette

  18. more and more that is becoming my motto, moyra 🙂 i love the sound of it!

  19. Oh I am so excited, my honey (Jonathan) and I just bought the original 'follow your glitter star'…I can't wait to get it and to have a piece of yours:D…yayyy…..we don't buy other peoples art/work very often so your in an elite group:D ha ha.

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