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New Prints & Just a Few Early Bird Spaces Left

The EARLY, Early Bird Spaces for Business For Creatives are nearly sold out.

Thank you to everyone who has already registered! There is such an amazing group already. I’m so excited to share my business knowledge with you and help you along the path to turning your creativity into a business!

Sign up for EARLY Early Bird registration at $199 (use code PASSION)… after that, the course will go back up to sale pricing of $249. Once that sale price tier fills up, the class will return to full pricing of $399.

6 Month Payment Plans are also available and registration closes the first week of class.

Find more details and Register for BUSINESS FOR CREATIVES here.


I’m also so excited about these new prints. These are some of my favorite paintings from the Flower Girl Collections.

The originals are not for sale (I’m saving them for a very special project I’ve been working on), but I wanted to make them available to you as large prints.

These paintings are all inspired by flowers, blue skies and the softness of Renaissance portraits. My intention was to create a series of portraits that you might see hanging as you walked the staircase of a castle. I added fairy wings and neon colors for a modern twist.

Click here to see these prints in the shop.

This series has been my most favorite collection to paint. For the originals, I created lots of luscious layers using acrylics, inks, oils, pastel, pen and pencil.

I just love imagining these characters coming to life. I hope you enjoy them!

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. On November 4th prices will increase on all of my online painting courses. In 2017, some classes maaaay be going away forever (like most of my mini courses, How To Paint An Owl, How To Paint A Girl, Backgrounds and Layers and Abstracts and Backgrounds).

I want to be sure you don’t miss out on anything you’ve had your heart set on.

Register for painting class here.


Pps. If you want even more inspiration and insights into my creative process, plus some details that I only share in email, sign up for my newsletter here.


  1. OMG
    199$ for your now 499$ course.
    I’m so sad I missed that.

    • hi chrystine – the spring 2018 session will be opening for early registration on Oct 20… if you’d still like to take this class, you can sign up for the waitlist and get a little reminder (early spaces usually fill up really fast).

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