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flora bowley + the do what you love retreat!

TITLE: Sea Breeze with Trees. by Flora Bowley

so, i have some pretty awesome news!

TITLE: Temple Lilies. by Flora Bowley

maybe you’ve seen flora bowley’s beautiful artwork…

Flora Bowley

 or heard about her
BLOOM TRUE! painting workshops

and maybe you remember a sponsored post from a few weeks back about this AMAZING DO WHAT YOU LOVE ART + CREATIVE ENTERPRISE RETREAT
well, i am super honored to say…
not only will i be attending the DO WHAT YOU LOVE retreat in May…but  
i will be assisting flora for her IN BLOOM workshop!!! 
this is like a dream come true!

i’ve just started going to art retreats (will be attending my first-an artful journey-in february!). and from teaching my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL workshops, i’ve realized just how much i enjoy teaching and would so love to teach at art retreats!

not to mention, i’ve never been to england, so of course i really wanted to go to this retreat!

 but then when everything else around it fell into place! i could not say anything but YES!!!
so, yes! this May 11-15 i will be assisting flora bowley for her class at the do what you love retreat in Yorkshire, England! 
i am so excited! i’ve been so inspired by flora’s work and cannot wait to meet her and all of the incredible people i know will be attending this retreat!
AND, if you’re interested in being there too, early bird rates are still in effect if you register by january 21st!
get all of the information you need right here! i would love to meet up with some of you there too!!!


it’s brian’s birthday today! so we’re out celebrating and doing all of his favorite things! there will be breakfast out, lots of music, and watching disney’s original robin hood! plus, i have a little surprise planned for him too! photos coming soon!!!

have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! Lucky you!!!
    I met Beth at a Flying Sisterhood of the NorthEast reunion and know
    how wonderful she is. I'm sure the retreat will be just as amazing and inspirational. I loooove Flora's work and am sure you'll be a great “assistant”. Jealous! I'm hoping I'll be able to attend the retreat.

  2. Oh wow! Sooo exciting and how wonderful to know you will be gracing this part of the world with your magic :)I've been dropping so many hints to my signifcant other about going..birthday xmas present combined….guess I'm going to have to buy it for myself!! 🙂

  3. Oh so happy for you! How exciting…wish I could go. You are way to far away. Have a fun day!! xoxo

  4. Wow! That's excellent! Congratulations. Have a wonderful time.

  5. That is SUPER exciting!! Not to be nosy but did you approach Flora or her you? Just curious how it all went down. but understand if you don't want to share. I can't wait to hear all about your trip and teaching experience!!
    Happy Birthday to Brian. He is one day before me!

  6. Congratulations!! I went to her website the other day when you mentioned her. Her paintings are so gorgeous!!! What a wonderful thing to get to be her assistant!!

  7. wonderful juliette! 🙂 what exciting news for you! 🙂 yay!!!

  8. Congratulations, Juliette – that's fantastic news!

  9. Wow such exciting news, what a wonderful experience I'm so happy for you and it's so nice to watch you and your art blossom into this amazing career!!! :0)

  10. congrats! that is so wonderful. i LOVE flora's work, so much! have fun and i'm sure you will be teaching in many retreats to come. xo

  11. Hurray…how exciting…you sure have lots to celebrate. This will be an extraordinary year for you.♥

  12. jenny + beth…i hope you both get to go!

    thank you, everyone for your inspiration! i am so excited!!!

  13. So excited to have you join us – I know you will be a fantastic assistant to Flora, and I am sure you will love every minute of it!

  14. That's such wonderful and exciting news, Juliette!! Your journey is very inspiring! : > Best wishes, Natasha.

  15. Aw, it's lovely to hear that dreams do come true. Good luck.

  16. Very exciting! You will love her. I took a class from her at Squam last September and it was awesome. An Artful Journey was my first ever art retreat last Feburary and it changed my life. I will see you there in a few weeks!

  17. Hi Juliette, I was just introduced to your work the other day by a friend and now have yet another reason to be really excited that I'm going on the retreat! I look forward to meeting you as I will be doing Flora's class. Can't WAIT! 🙂

  18. Congratulations! BTW I loved your article in Somerset Studio! I don't know if you've thought about this, but I've seen so many artists with a “signature” type of art license it. I really think your owls would be very popular. Just a thought… Have fun!

  19. I stumbled upon Flora's art a few months ago, and love it too. That retreat sounds fun — wish it was closer to me in Florida. Be sure and tell us all about it later.

  20. Hi Juliette,
    Well done you…that is SO exciting. I have just signed up for Flora's “Bloom True” workshop in AUSTRALIA in March….can't wait.
    Have a ball in Yorkshire xo

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