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I’m finishing up a few spring paintings that I’ll be posting tomorrow. But I just had to step outside and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. And just look what I found! The happiest little flowers in our backyard…two purple Crocus! The first spring flowers of the season and a few other adorable buds. I hope you are enjoying the weekend!


  1. Love it! Some of our naked ladies are popping up around our house, I love Spring, especially the first signs of it! I hope that your weekend was wonderful!

  2. Well! The deer ate my tulips!!! Glad to see they didn't get these lovely flowers!!

  3. The flowers are beautiful! Happiness sprouting from the earth!

  4. Yea! I love the first signs of Spring! I've been noticing a lot of Cardinals around.

  5. I have the same sweet scene in my front yard. I captured a few for my kitchen sink window and hope the others bundle up for this weekend's weather.

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