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Finding Hope & Peace – A New Painting

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh


This painting had all sorts of layers underneath.

Then, within all of the paint and paper, I saw a lion.

I have been sketching all of these lounging lions and bears. They seem very calm and always as if they know just what they are doing.

My favorite part of this painting, however, is the background.

While it started out with all sorts of lines, color and papers, I covered it all up by scraping some white gesso on top, using the edge of a credit card.

I would not have thought you could get such different looks between scraping paint with a credit card versus a palette knife, cardboard piece or the end of a paint tube… but the process between each is surprisingly varied in the way it covers the elements underneath.

Sometimes I love the look of the palette knife, which is a bit thicker and the process more like spreading frosting on a cake.

Other times I love the rough and rustic look you can get with the edge of a credit card or plastic rib used for ceramics.

Every layer of the painting added to the story of this piece– Whenever gray clouds come, the world may seem to fall into pieces, but with courage, patience and an open heart, you will soon be FINDING HOPE and PEACE.

Juliette Crane

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  1. I really love this poignant painting. I want to cuddle the lion and tell her it will all be ok. <3

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