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My New Studio + Finding Inspiration

My new studio is finally finished!

We moved into our new home last year with 10 acres of pine woods and a detached garage that had an unfinished loft space above – perfect for a studio.

Over the spring and summer my husband Brian and I worked on the construction of the interior and I cannot even say how exciting it has been to move into my new creative space. It is the first time I truly have one designated studio space. 

In the past, as the seasons change, I have always moved my creative space into whatever room had the most sunlight. Sometimes that meant I created in the backyard, in an extra bedroom or at the kitchen table.

Now, to paint in a space without distraction, where I leave my artwork and live separately, has allowed my paintings to blossom in so many new directions. 

Finishing off the studio ourselves was a real creative project…


When one idea for the molding, closets, doors or flooring didn’t work, it pushed us in a new direction that eventually led to building a creative space that I never would have dreamed of, but that perfectly reflects me and and now inspires the new work I’ve been creating.

I’ve often found that wherever I create directly affects and inspires my artwork. That’s why I so often paint outside, in nature, so that all of the birds singing, trees blowing in the wind and sunlight reflecting on wildflowers gets infused into my artwork. 

Whatever I see and feel around me gets expressed in my paintings.

This new studio has given me the space, both literally and emotionally, to open up more and go even deeper with whatever I create.

I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes in my studio and new paintings every day… you can follow along on instagram and facebook.

Happy painting!
xo Juliette

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