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everything will be okay and paint your story!

EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. 11 x 14 inches. Canvas Panel.
Original available here ($165). Find prints in my etsy shop.

for awhile now, i keep seeing the phrase, “everything will be okay.”

i love that. it’s completely true and something i always try and remember. sometimes i get bogged down and overwhelmed by day to day tasks or caught up in seeing what others are accomplishing and doing. i forget the big picture and just what’s right for me. 

so i’ve also been setting a lot of intentions, both every day and in the long term, knowing how all of the little things always add up, with time. i know if i only remain focused on the future, i forget to be present, happy in my every day and inspired by the little things. 

and so, this painting is a reminder that EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

i started this painting as part of mindy lacefield’s paint your story e-course. i love her techniques and she’s a great teacher for slowing down and taking time with things, letting the colors and different techniques merge and splurge together to create beautiful unexpected things! 

this was definitely one of those paintings where i’d been working on 4 or 5 different pieces at once. i’d started feeling like i was doing the same thing over and over again and wondered just where this creative process was taking me…when all of a sudden, it all fell into place like magic.

EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. 11 x 14 inches. Canvas Panel.
Original available here ($165). Find prints in my etsy shop.

well, actually it all fell into place with the help of our neighbor’s dog vinny… see that big black ink splotch over on the lower right there (just above what used to be a purple heart)…that happened when the neighbor’s little white dog got loose and found it’s way into our backyard, right onto my paintings and all over the india ink!

inspirations come in unexpected ways! and helped inspire this painting’s name and story…

from a far away land, this creature pops up, as if sprouting from the flowers, to whisper in your ear that you are exactly where you need to be, knowing that through the entire journey of it all, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. 


i hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

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  1. sending a kiss to her dear nose n rosy cheek X

  2. i love her and i love the beautifully perfect black ink spot that looks like a dogs profile!!!


  3. I love this. The ink spot is just serendipity. 🙂 Great!

  4. Love the very serene lady – and yes, we have to keep telling ourselves everything will be OK … I'm doing it all the time at the moment. Enjoyed your post and the story of how the painting emerged.

  5. She feels so eccentric and whimsical. I love that!

  6. What a wonderful post. We all need the reminder that Everything Will Be Okay. Are you giving the dog some biscuits as a thank you? He made a wonderful contribution.

  7. Hello!
    It has been way too long since I have stopped by. (Just returning from a year long blogging break.)
    I absolutely love this painting. Wonderful!

  8. I love “everything will be okay” . We are all learning to live in the present where all things are born. But oh…sometimes the mind does try to take us off track with all its fears and woes. That is when I stop and listen to the still small voice inside saying the same thing in one way or another….it will all be okay…relax…breathe.
    Sending the love your way!

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