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In the springtime I try to create outside as much as possible and the other day I ended up with four various green painted canvases. This piece is the greenest of them all, so I thought it appropriate to name her EARTH MOTHER!

New vintage art jewelry coming very soon!

The original mixed media painting EARTH MOTHER has sold! Thanks so much for your continued support! Archival prints available in my Art shop!

EARTH MOTHER 8 X 8 Inch Print of Mixed Media Painting
I just love the way she seems to rise up from the earth. To me, she is a protector of all things. For this painting I used an alchemy of materials from my studio-watercolors, pastels, acrylics, pencil, ink, charcoal, and origami paper. On top, I applied an antique decoupage to really add a look of beauty and magic.



  2. I love the detail of the heart, the paint is sweet, serene, expresses love.
    Very nice!!

  3. I love it! I featured one of your prints on my Etsy Art Show post today! Have a wonderful day!

  4. She is lovely, what a unique style you have!
    This would be even more stunning in person, with all the wonderful media you used on it.

  5. This is my favorite of all since I've been visiting your blog. She's just beautiful!

  6. I love this one too Juliette. She looks strong and feminine. It's too bad you live so far away because I think we could be great friends… Keep up the beautiful work.

  7. Oh Juliette! She is beautiful! Love your style! Happy week! Hugs, LuLu xxx

  8. Oh I love it! …and what a perfect name too =)

  9. Hi Juliette, thank you so much for visiting me and for your lovely comments! I love your delightful illustrations. They are all so adorable! 🙂

  10. Lovely!perfect for mother earth!

  11. Hi Juliette, she is wonderful. I truly love the greens as that is one of my favorite colors. Perfect name as well. Have a great day.

  12. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I just had a look through your blog and your artwork is wonderul, how have I never seen you before?

    Well i've found you now and I love your work so i'm your newest follower ;0)

    Micki x

  13. Thank you for linking up to Yo Bloggy Mama. I really love the jewelry you've made out of your art.

    So nice to meet a Madisonian in Bloggy-land!


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