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Departure :: A NEW Painting

Departure. 9 x 12″ on Paper. Click here to visit my shop.


Lately, I’ve been admiring portraits. And whenever I notice myself attracted to something again and again, I find a way to incorporate it into my artwork.

I noticed I’d specifically been admiring very realistic Renaissance portraits. I was attracted to the captured moment. The idea that someone had been trapped in time.

So I began a series of portrait paintings that I imagine above my mantle. I can see each of these characters as an ancestor. Each with their own unique story just waiting to be told.

I tried to capture some of that story in the moment exposed in the painting.

I titled this piece Departure.

It is a personification of the instinct to both stay connected to the past and leave when you know it is no longer best for you.

I tried to capture that duality of that existence. Both the internal resistance of staying within and the fear of moving on to the unknown.

In this painting I attempted to uncover the contradicting intentions and feelings that exist together.

That push pull of the journey.


Juliette Crane


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