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daytrip in chicago!

we picked a blizzard of a day to visit chicago last week, but we had so much fun returning to all of our favorite spots, like our all-time favorite restaurant, the handlebar in wicker park.
the trip was a continuation of my birthday celebration, and i really wanted to walk through our old neighborhood of wicker park/bucktown. it’s grown a ton! but we always loved wandering these cute streets and admiring all of the old brownstones. they were decorated so lovely for the holidays!
and i always visit this square on the sidewalk too, where brian carved my name into the cement. you can barely see it there now, just above the line. but it’s there!
right outside the entrance to these shops!
we headed to my favorite cafe, la dolce vita (how i often miss having it right around the corner).
they make the prettiest cafe mochas,
and have these lovely painted tables.
but the real destination of our trip was the holiday market on state street. we go almost every year and huddle up in this crowded tent. it’s the perfect place to have random conversations and loads of good food!
on our way back, we listened to this woman playing as we waited for the train. she was singing, playing violin, bells and tap dancing!
then once we got off at our old western el stop, the nostalgia hit again, and we just had to snap a few portraits. 
we used to wait here every day on our way to work at the university of chicago (yep, we both worked there and traveled to and from together every day!). i don’t miss that… 
but i do sometimes miss the train and all of the randomness it brings to life…
and all of the fabulous restaurants and good food (like this yuca and garlic aoli), all in walking distance! 
how i love going back and wandering our old neighborhoods!


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  1. What a fun get-a-way! How sweet to see your name set in stone courtesy of your man. 🙂

  2. i know! it was so sweet, and always nice to go back to..

  3. Sounds like a great trip! We'll be visiting Chicago this weekend. I'll think of you 😉

  4. Looks like a great visit! Thanks for sharing

  5. Great pics, makes me wanna take a little trip.
    You and your sweetie look so in love. 🙂

  6. i just love all these sweet images and peaks into your lovely memories.

    i grew up an hour south of my most favorite city….still love to go back and visit and just roam. there is something about Chicago….it's always in my heart.


    ps…you two are the cutest!!!!!

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