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Letting Go & Overcoming Creative Blocks

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Sometimes I get so frustrated with a painting, I just want to cover it all up.

I know I should walk away or start something new, but I just want to get it right.

It helps to remember that the trying & trying until I reach frustration is just part of my process. It’s usually that ugly stage.

And I reach it every time.

Reaching that ugly stage, doesn’t mean I can’t paint or will never paint well again. Those are just the super negative thoughts that come up in my head & only make the process more painful. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If I pause in that moment and detach from all of that self-sabotage, I can recognize that those thoughts are making me crazy.

That’s why I always return to having fun.

I splatter paint all around and really mess everything up. I make fingerprints and dots, everywhere. I grab my favorite colors, clean out my water bucket and cover up the parts I don’t like.

That all helps clear the air, so I’m not so attached and can start enjoying myself again.


If you can relate to the ugly stage and all of the emotional ups and downs that go into creating, I thought this video might be helpful for you.

It’s a snip-it with narration from my Whimsical Animals online class.

In most of my online classes, you’l hear me go deep into my creative process and talk about how I’m feeling along the way, so you know when I get frustrated and what I do to fix my “mistakes.”

You can watch more videos and find details on all of my online classes here.

And if you know someone who has been looking to reignite their creative spark, feel free to share this video with them (you can use the share buttons below).

With love + gratitude, xo

Juliette Crane


Ps. If you’re looking to feel more relaxed and free in your artwork, I really go deep and share my process in my online classes.

Serendipity 1 & Serendipity 2 are especially perfect if you’re looking to overcome creative blocks and develop your own style.

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