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cow track ranch

cow track ranch, Nicasio, CA
 one of the best things about roadtripping with girlfriends is that you tend to happen upon the most brilliant and unusual places. now i was so happy when jess said she’d booked us a night at a cow track ranch last week. but i must say, i had no idea what i was getting into.
cow track ranch, Nicasio, CA. Photo by Jessica Yach
we arrived just before dark and got a bit of a tour of our little bunk house. 
 and come sunrise, we were both in love with the place.
 we watched 
and listened to the cattle roam the neverending hills,
Photo by Jessica Yach
we adored this lovely little greenhouse. 

we saw the fog creep in
Photo by Jessica Yach
and settle all around the ranch.
we enjoyed granola with organic strawberries for breakfast and did yoga on our little deck.
we learned that skywalker ranch was just over those hills.
Photo by Jessica Yach
and we dashed through the horse stables
to cross into the countryside and explore!

ps.i could not even fit all of the lovely photos from the last few days of our trip here. so i’ll be posting those beauties come Monday!


  1. I miss Ca, those rolling brown hills in late summer and autumn and the mists that descend silently, lucky you!! and that green house is just killer!!

  2. Wow! Never seen anything like it. Very intriguing. For some reason, I could see a movie play out on that ranch. Girlfriends are great!

  3. Looks like a very peaceful place.


  4. Wow! What a find! How did you resist jumping onto one of those horses and riding into the sunset? 😉

  5. i like that your “camera” has that Polaroid off-color look to it on some pictures…ah, to be back at the ranch…a unforgettable experience 🙂

  6. looks very relaxing!! great photos that you shared-

  7. It's beautiful and inspiring…

  8. I love your paintings and art! so fun…have a artsy day! 😉

  9. I want to live here! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  10. Really nice post!

  11. oh, this looks like such a lovely trip! i was able to take a much needed imaginary vacation with you in my head – thanks for sharing!

  12. What a great place. I'd like to take that greenhouse and make it an art studio. Then you could look out at the sunshine and the beauty all day and be so inspired.

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