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Juliette Crane Faces

I wanted to create a class that would help you paint faces and eyes in a way that is unique to you.

The question I get asked most often in my classes is how I paint my eyes and faces. So many have said they want to develop their own style, so in this class, I share many different mixed media faces and techniques that will strengthen your own voice and rekindle your creative spark.

With each painting project, I also share my mistakes and how I fix them along the way to talk myself out of getting frustrated so I can keep on creating, stay inspired and evolve my own style. We’ll also experiment with lots of different art supplies like glitter, bleeding art tissue paper, chalk, crayons and oil sticks to really bring your faces to life!

My hope for you is that these mixed media portraits will give you many places to begin, so you can get over creative blocks, have fun with your artwork and paint in a style that is unique to YOU.

For years, I stopped painting. All of my artwork ended up in the basement or trash. Then I lost my job. To heal my spirit, I went back to what I loved most as a child – taking my art supplies into the backyard and creating.

Now I’ve fallen in love with mixed media painting and out of all of the painting techniques I’ve ever tried, the one thing I always return to is remembering to have fun. This brings joy into the process, which inevitably gets infused into your artwork and always makes anyone who sees it smile.

That means we’ll be painting all sorts of whimsical characters and animals – with primitive faces, imperfect faces, cat faces, bear faces, soft faces, wild faces and so much more. We’ll also add shading, focus on eyes, layer with collage, experiment with nontraditional art supplies and loosen up with paintings in our sketchbooks, so even if you never have enough time or space, you can still get creative and paint.


  • painting mixed media portraits, faces and eyes
  • shading faces
  • drawing eyes
  • experimenting with various art supplies
  • mixed media backgrounds
  • whimsy and color
  • loosening up and letting go
  • watercolor paintings
  • adding top coats
  • simple shape template for creating any whimsical animal or character

*I include lots of me talking you through what I do as I paint and why, plus give you a good look at what’s on my palette and what supplies I’m using as I create.


In-Depth Videos

  • 10 in-depth painting projects with me talking you through every step of my process, layer by layer, so you know what I’m doing and why
  • painting portraits on paper using mixed media supplies
  • Step by Step videos for drawing eyes, shading faces adding top coats and creating any character

Text Explanations

  • i share my painting process, letting you know when I make mistakes, how I fix them and how I talk myself out of getting frustrated so I can keep on creating.
  • with each lesson, I’ll share tips and things to remember along with a detailed materials and colors list

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

  • printable pdf with simple step by step instructions for drawing eyes
  • printable pdf with simple step by step instructions for shading faces
  • printable pdf with simple shape template for creating different characters

Positive Community

  • Private Facebook group full of community support and encouragement.


Online Course

WHEN Sign up to get emailed about early bird pricing, when registration next opens.
WHAT In-Depth Painting Videos with Narration & Text
WHO For anyone and everyone. Beginners are welcome. I try and instruct in a way that benefits beginner and skilled artists
HOW 3 Month Payment Plans Available.
COST $189
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**click here for a full supply list**
chalk pastels
oil paint sticks
paint pens
collage materials
a variety of paintbrushes
acrylic inks
bristol paper

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“My journey after a hard separation/divorce has been filled with doing art. It has been the best healing of all. I am taking FACES to help me find more freedom and whimsy in my style. What I have also found as I take this class is inspiration-inspiration in finding “my voice” with the art I create. The class group has been so fun! All the lovely comments and art from co-students has been a joy for me.”
–Alison Pillette

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Sometimes I get stuck and often I wonder how I can be sure to paint something really ugly and awkward. But that’s something I’ve learned from you: to let go, LET IT BE, to relax and to be patient. To play around and try things with my art supplies. – Anja Nowack
Sitting down in front of my computer in the morning and logging into this class was the highlight of my day. You are an exceptional teacher and I have learned so much. Thank you for the countless hours it took you to prepare this class. You are my inspiration. I liked watching the videos over and over again and when I went to create my owl, I was pleased with what I had done…..this would not be possible without such an excellent teacher. – Jacqueline Bartels
I’ve been painting like a crazed person, one owl after another and each one different. What a great time I am having! Thank you for all your lessons and helpful hints. Watching you paint is amazing! Thank you for the “ugly” stage, I have often given up at this stage, but not anymore. I just keep on going. – Patricia Armbrust

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