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Juliette Crane Bliss

In this mixed media painting class you will learn a variety of techniques to help push your creativity and develop your style, especially when creating faces and whimsical animals.

You’ll learn my simple shape templates so that you can easily create whatever whimsical animal or character is unique to you and really make it your own.

That means we’ll be painting all sorts of whimsical characters and animals – like lions, bears, foxes, cats and so much more. We’ll also create watercolor portraits, add lettering, layer with collage, experiment with nontraditional art supplies and loosen up with paintings in our sketchbooks, so you can really find your artistic voice.

I’ll also take you with me on-location in videos and photos, so you can keep finding your own inspirations and strengthening your style.

In every video, I talk you through my painting process, telling you exactly what I am doing and why, sharing when I get frustrated with my art or when I reach an ugly stage and how I work through it, so you can easily overcome your own creative blocks.

Having fun, learning to let go and not being afraid to cover up my paintings have become essential to my creative process. I’ve fallen in love with mixed media painting and out of all of the painting techniques I’ve ever tried, the one thing I always return to is remembering to have fun with whatever it is I’m creating. This brings joy into the process, which inevitably gets infused into your artwork and always makes anyone who sees it smile.

My hope for you in this course is that these paintings and inspirations give you many places to quickly begin, so you can rekindle your creative spark, enjoy painting and create in a style that is unique to YOU.

There’s 2 year access to the classroom, so even if you don’t have a chance to get to it now, there’s always plenty of time.

You’ll also have forever access to our online creative community, where I’m always available to answer questions and give feedback, which means you’ll always have a place to connect and feel supported with your artistic journey.


*painting and drawing portraits and faces using various techniques and styles
*art journaling and sketchbook paintings with just a few supplies
*in-depth mixed media paintings
*adding top coats
*simple shape template for creating any whimsical animal or character

*I include lots of me talking you through what I do as I paint and why, plus give you a good look at what’s on my palette and what supplies I’m using as I create.


Videos and In-Depth Explanations

  • Painting projects each week with narration
  • HD videos that you can watch from any device
  • Written content and detailed supply lists to help you stay focused and inspired
  • Step by Step Template and Video for Creating Any Whimsical Character
  • Step by Step Video for Drawing Eyes
  • How To Video for Adding Top Coats (My 3-Step Process)

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

  • Printable pdfs with simple step by step instructions for shading faces, drawing eyes and creating different characters

Positive Community

  • Forever access to our online creative community, where I’m available to answer questions and give feedback and you’ll get incredible positivity and support from others as well.


12 Week Online Course

WHEN Sign up to get emailed about early bird pricing, when registration next opens.
WHAT In-Depth Painting Videos with Narration, Written Explanations, Downloadable Cheat Sheets for Creating Any Character. plus Bonus Videos & Forever Access to our Private Creative Community where I give feedback and answer questions
WHO For anyone and everyone. Beginners are welcome.
COST $249
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**click here for a full supply list**
acrylic inks
acrylic paints
acrylic paint pens
coloring book or large print book
collage materials (lotka paper, patterned tissue paper, vintage wallpaper, sheet music, journal and book pages, other papers you love)
a variety of paintbrushes
sketchbook or art journal
stabillo pencil
india inks
bamboo sketching pen
water soluble oil pastels
spray inks and stencils
ink pad
charcoal pencils
gel pens

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“I was attracted to this course because I’m always looking for ways to create on the fly. Once I saw Juliette’s small travel kit I immediately put one together for myself and I was using all kinds of spare time to be creative. I found it so intriguing to push myself to use just the tools I had in new and creative ways. I could see that sometimes having all my materials was overwhelming and limiting the palette made it so much easier to get to work. Now I don’t go anywhere without my travel kit and some of the pieces I make are really inspired by my location. Taking this course opened up a whole new world of creating for me.”
-Abi Bell
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Juliette shows how she works through creating a painting. What is especially great about this, besides the tips on technique, methods, and art materials, is that she shows how she goes through the ugly stages or the “this isn’t working” stages and pushes through. It is very inspirational (and comforting) to see a person who paints for a living also struggles with these issues. -Renata Wurster
Your classes opened my eyes to having more fun creating. I now am not scared of starting a project and I’m having a blast creating backgrounds! -Nina Marie
I am 64 and have always wanted to draw and paint. You show us all of the phases of the piece – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the finished wonderful face. Then we see the finished piece. Now when I struggle to get to the end of the process, I know that it’s okay to take a while to get there. – Louise “Beth” Rudolph

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