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Neon COLOR & Possibilities

Possibilities. Prints available here.


A lot of times, I’ll overwork a painting until the colors get all muddy and gray.

That usually happens when I’m working so quickly to get a painting to look like the image I have in my head (which is never possible for me).

Then I might finally get the character right and well-defined, but in the process of layering and not letting things dry, the rest of my painting becomes dull.

When that happens, I always take a step back. I let everything dry and then come back to it all with my favorite colors.

For my painting “Possibilities” I went back to using my favorite turquoise oil paintstick. My background had been looking so muted and blues always seem to make my characters pop off the page.

Neon colors, especially in acrylic inks, work really well too.

The inks allow me to layer, so the lines and patterns I’ve already created will still show underneath, but in a new, vibrant hue. 

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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