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Chicago Doorways, 77 Square + Glamour UK!

we’re lucky to be just a short roadtrip away from chicago. i know, i was just there a few weeks ago for the Blogging Your Way meetup. but each year brian and i adore visiting for the christkindlmarket, so we headed down to chicago last weekend to enjoy it all! 

we just love walking around our old neighborhood. and i so admired all of the doorways! we stood in front of the one above for ages…the photo doesn’t even capture the beauty of this place. but there was an incredible garden aroud the side and an enormous greenhouse out back! and those lanterns…they have real flames burning inside! it was all quite stunning!

and then to find so many doorways all done up for the holidays…i really could have photographed each and every one!


* while we were away, i was fortunate to be featured in a few lovely places…

Online Fashion Editor, Philippa Morgan Walker featured my She Stands Out owl necklace on Glamour UK!

Thine and Thou, Together. Prints available in my etsy shop.
and my thine and thou, together painting was featured in the holiday gift guide of 77 Square!

really all so unbelievable and exciting! thank you so much for all of your kindness and support! i cannot even express how much it all means to me! THANK YOU!

** i’ve also just added a new SHE STANDS OUT locket to my shop…this one is absolutely exquisite and so elegant! it’s bigger than my round lockets and really meant to stand out. i only have this one…


  1. Amazing how beautiful a simple doorway can be. Your photos are lovely. The concept of a doorway is so intriguing and full of possibility.

  2. that's exactly what it is…so much possibility 🙂

    best wishes!

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