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getting published & somerset studio magazine

before i officially started my creative business, i opened my etsy shop and sold beaded earrings and feather hairclips. these were things that were easy for me to put out into the world. while it felt weird at first, having … Read More

Teaching at the SUGAR & SPICE Art Retreat!

TITLE: Beauty In Prayer. Prints available in my etsy shop. i am so excited to be teaching at the Sugar and Spice art retreat with two of my favorite artists and friends…Mindy Lacefield and Danielle Daniel! we’ll be teaching at … Read More

On Painting, Vacations & Taking Sabbaticals

lately i’ve been feeling so much like i’m pushing at full-speed, straight ahead.  so we decided to take a little break and head to door county, wisconsin (where we were married). i realized these last few months i’d been moving … Read More

Creative Sugar with Toan Lam & GoInspireGo

I started my weekly blog series CREATIVE SUGAR  to promote positivity and provide a platform for everyone to share their unique stories, knowledge and experiences, showcasing the beauty, connection, and inspiration that exists in our every day. As soon as I started CREATIVE … Read More