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Letting Go + Getting Past the Ugly Stage

In every painting, there’s an ugly stage. I hit a creative block where I assume my artwork is no good and that I can’t paint anymore. I’ve realized I reach this stage in every painting. Remembering that these blocks are … Read More

Overcoming Fear + Following Your Bliss

I often get petrified whenever I have to share new creative work. A few years ago I had just finished writing a middle-grade fantasy novel. When I wrote it, I hadn’t painted for fifteen years. I had no idea that … Read More

Neon COLOR & Possibilities

Possibilities. Prints available here. ….. A lot of times, I’ll overwork a painting until the colors get all muddy and gray. That usually happens when I’m working so quickly to get a painting to look like the image I have … Read More

Intuitive Painting

My process is all very intuitive and spontaneous, never planned. The background layers are always about getting out my emotions. I splatter inks, fingerpaint and just let the colors merge together. This process is all about feeling free and really … Read More