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Bound For Great Things

I’ve got mounted prints and vintage art jewelry on the way! I also just added some adorable buttons to my sidebar. When you grab one, leave a comment letting me know so I can be sure to visit your blog. They’re super fun to create, so if there are any other paintings you’d love to see as a button, just let me know!

And I’m so excited to be all signed up for Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons! I’m sure I’ll be spending time in class with some of you, and I cannot wait! I just know we are all

BOUND FOR GREAT THINGS 8 X 8 Inch Print of Original Painting
This piece changed so many times. First her hair was blond, then brown, then this incredible black that just goes on forever, melting into the landscape. I’m not sure where she’s going, or if she even knows, but I am certain she is BOUND FOR GREAT THINGS.

For this painting, I dug through my vintage wallpaper books to find the exquisite paper for her dress, then I added acrylics, pastels, and ink and applied a decoupage on top to protect the piece from the elements.

Details along with archival prints available in my ART SHOP!


  1. Hi Juliette, I'm sorry that I just now saw your comment on my music blog. I was so blessed! No one ever has said anything about my photos or poetry before.

    Thanks! I love your paintings…very pretty and unusual! They make me think of children's story books or fairy tales… :o)

  2. Love the happiness and quirkiness and beauty in all your paintings!

    Just signed up for Kelly Rae's e-course! Can't wait to share notes with you 🙂

  3. hello! this is such a fun post! full of happy, whimsy!
    great job!
    love your buttons!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Yay! Mounted prints! Looking forward to seeing them in your shop.

  5. oh my gosh! she is bound for great things!
    i think her black hair/into the earth
    is just right, & she has such gorgeous
    flowers to accompany her! lovelove it all.x

  6. Your artwork is so unique and sweet. I believe May will bring you wonderful things. Happy creating…

  7. hi juliette,
    it's nice to see a fellow wisconsinite taking kelly's class. i live in viroqua which is 2 hrs NE of madison. you have a wonderful style on your blog and in your paintings.

  8. Hey Juliette

    Thanks for your comments… I am a fan of your work too, am looking forward to our Kelly Rae e-course classes starting! see you there. x

  9. so flattered, Katherine 🙂

    and we're so close, tammy! that's fabulous! i bet we know some of the same locals 🙂

    see you in class!

  10. Sending you a BIG hello from Canada:) Thanks for stopping by my blog !!! I love your blog…looking forward to taking some flying lessons with you and Kelly Rae! Cheers

  11. I've been a little low on inspiration lately, but coming here today to your blog I actually got a little flutter of excitement again . . . your work is just so imaginative and colorful and definitely inspirational. I love it!

  12. well, I love your new piece, Bound for Great things! and I love it that you told about her transformations! wonderful!

  13. Hi Juliette !
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog today ! Your words touched me very much. I have enjoyed looking around here too – your creations are colorful and so sweet to look at. I look forward to visiting here again too.
    Cheers, Lovely One !

  14. Hi Juliette,

    Wanted to say hi I am also taking Kelly Rae's class I actually live out in Stoughton, WI craziness how three from Wisconsin are taking her class, small world!

    I love your work, it is inspiring to me, I am just getting into mixed media and painting.

  15. your artwork is fabulous….your paintbrush has been very busy! here's to being bound for great things! :))

  16. Hi Juliette!

    I'm visiting from Kelly Raes's class. Love your paintings, I'm grabbing a button for my blog. Best Wishes and I'll see you in class!


  17. Love your new painting, hope you have tons of fun in your class!!

    Micki x

  18. Yay, after loving your paintings and unique style I have enjoyed following your tweets. So I'm delighted to find that we are going to be sharing Kelly-Rae's “Flying” addventure together too… soooo exciting!!
    Have a great weekend, Juliette
    Hugs Jo :0)

  19. Dear Juliette, your art work is gorgeous! Your buttons are sooo adorable! Glad to have found you and your lovely space today! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  20. Love your artwork…my favorite is “inspired by the little things”! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment 🙂 Can't wait for class to start!

  21. Hi! I love your beautiful art and am so glad that you are taking Kally Rae's course too. I cannot wait to learn from everyone! 🙂

  22. these are darling little buttons! i want to push all of them in hopes that they'll start dancing around! xo

  23. *LOVELY* :)Super cute!!!!
    Ohhhh sounds like Kelly's ecourse is going to be awesome.

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