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blogging your way inspiration with holly of decor8!

Well, these last few weeks I’ve been keeping very busy in holly becker’s blogging your way ecourse. The time absolutely flew by! And it all has given me so much inspiration and energy for my blog!

 I signed up for the class out of pure intuition. I knew I wanted to learn from Holly – I adore her blog decor8, I missed meeting her at TCC, her book Decorate is simply beautiful – but these things didn’t seem like reasons to take her class. 

Luckily, my intuition pulled me through and I signed up! 

I had no idea that after these 4 weeks of class I’d have a completely fresh and renewed perspective on not only blogging, but my blog and what it means. I’ve come away with a new sense of purpose and direction, which, in a way, was exactly what I was looking for, but something I couldn’t put into words. 

I’ve been going through my blog archives and remembering lots of fun travelsvacations and experiences this past year. I’ve been reconnecting with the things I love to share and talk about. And I’ve been looking back on the way this blog allowed me to reach out to an incredibly supportive online community and nurture my own creativity! 

This is a huge time for renewing, So, I’ll be doing a little redesign on my blog. But more importantly, I’ll be posting more content that I find inspiration from – books, other artists, photos, recipes, art, travels – and I hope you’ll find inspiration in it all too! 

Cheers to a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for infusing my morning with some color.

  2. happy you enjoyed everything!

    xo, juliette

  3. You're photos are beautiful!!!! What camera do you have??? I think I'd like to take a course on blogging. It sounds like you really absorbed a lot from it!! Can't wait to see the changes appear as you rethink and redesign everything!

  4. I just use the camera on my android phone, then make any adjustments using photoshop 🙂

  5. Hi Juliette! I've also spent the last few weeks in the BYW class. It's amazing all of the information the class had to offer – I feel like a new, inspired person! Great photos – looking forward to seeing your redesign!

  6. Des photos superbes et généreuses de couleurs.
    gros bisous

  7. I hope to take that class one day!

  8. hey there ms juliette. because of your name, i sort of pretend you are french in my head. so i wanted to say a few things. 1. your artwork and thoughts are the number one most inspiring thing i've come across since i started on my own art/painting journey. 2. you put a photo of a new collage/technique background and i did a double take. i thought it was mine. i even use those flowery japanese papers too. and yet my end result is so different. that's the coolest thing. how great is art. we can have the same techniques and have such different results becuase it comes from our individuality.
    3. i am taking your girl course. i wish i'd known about the owl course. i think that you will help me take my art to the next level. in fact, i'm sure of it. i have felt in a rut with background and technique this month and really not finding my way out. sometimes we need a guide. or just someone saying, get out their and try, because we default to what we know
    4. i don't remember but you rock. so glad to have stumbled upon you

  9. thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and kindness! it's so nice to connect with all of you 🙂

    xo, juliette

  10. Dearest sweet Julitte, really beautiful post and im so excited about the change that will be coming your way in your lovely space here! Holly's blogging your way e-course is really worth taking and i took it not once but two times! 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  11. Hi Juliette – I love your photos!! Looks like you enjoy photography as much as I do. Thanks for popping by my blog and I will visit yours often! Cath

  12. that's so sweet to hear, jaqueline! thank you!

    i do adore snapping photos, cath. that's definitely something i want to showcase more on my blog 🙂

    best wishes!

    xo, juliette

  13. this is amazing, such lovely pictures too. I've found #byw so inspiring and I can see you have too

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and wonderful post!
    Your photography and photo-collaging is amazing.

    I'm really glad I got to meet you through BYW, too!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. I was so bummed to have missed the ecourse. (heard about it too late) I like your re-design!

  16. So glad to hear you found it inspirational – Just signed up for a class myself. Look forward to being “refreshed & Energized”! Ridgely

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