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The other night I stayed up late and watched the stars. It was one of the first warm evenings in awhile and I just got to thinking about dreams. Maybe if you’re dreams are big enough, and you really believe in them with all of your heart, then the universe will answer. And this is the painting that I created that evening… BIG DREAM BELIEVER.

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BIG DREAM BELIEVER 8 X 8 Inch Print of Mixed Media Painting by JULIETTE CRANE
The original is created on 10 X 10 inch gallery wrapped canvas, so the lovely purple sky and shining stars continue around the sides into infinity. The painting is made up of an alchemy of materials from my studio…Acrylics, pastels, watercolor, ink, and colored pencils. Her face is drawn and then painted. On top, I applied an antique decoupage to protect the painting from the elements and add a soft yellow glow for added beauty and magic.


  1. I am a HUGE dream believer. There is nothing like looking above at the stars to help us believe that anything is possible. Thank-you for sharing. I love you starry painting!

  2. oh juliette! this is one of my fav's!!!
    both the meaning & the beauty of your art!

  3. So pretty! I love that you discribe in detail how you create your paintings! I mentioned your necklaces on my blog yesterday! Have a great day!

  4. She is gorgeous! What a lovely painting and I enjoyed hearing about how you went about making it!!! Lovely work!

  5. She's just beautiful, and I love the way her sky reaches beyond it's limits, out into infinity. How fitting for a big dream believer.

  6. Juliette,
    Your work is whimsical and lovely – so nice to become acquainted with you! Thankyou for your nice comment on my blog!

  7. Hi Juliette . . . I am just so happy that you stopped by my blog because now I have found you and your amazing . . amazing artwork! I'm bowled over by it. I just love it. Those little faces you paint have so much going on there–I especially love the little girl with ponytails and a kitty cat's nose. So original — love it! So, thank you for stopping by my space. I've bookmarked your blog. : )

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I was an instant fan when I saw your owl piece. When our girls move to their room, we're hoping we'll be able to get a couple pieces!

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog 🙂
    Your art is absolutely unique and beautiful! Cheers!

  10. this is a beautiful piece! so rich. xo

  11. juliette..thank you so very much for stopping by via louise.s blog.
    i am in LOVE with louise. she was my mess making partner in crime at AN ARTFUL JOURNEY last month and also one of my dear roommates. i love that girl and think it.s wonderful how she introduced us to one another.
    your blog is so whimsical and fun. i am eyeing that owl necklace in the post below and so i.ll be heading over to your etsy shop soon to browse around a bit.
    your big dream believer is fabulous. you have inspired me to go out and check out the stars.
    i used to always “wish on stars”…why haven't i done that lately?
    look forward to catching up with you soon.

  12. I'm a believer!
    Hugs, Carissa

  13. Hey, Juliette, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am so intrigued with your whimsical work! And I love the star-dreaming. When I go out to the desert, I wait until it is really dark and then wrap up in a blanket and lie down flat on my back to see the millions of stars – totally magical!!

  14. I love how the stars go off into infinity on the sides of the canvas! Just like our dreams: there's infinite possibilities when you dream big and release them into the Universe.

    Don't you love a good star show???


  15. Beautiful illustration, Juliette! Always a delight to see your work.

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