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Befriend Even The Dragons :: A Video Preview

Befriend Even The Dragons. 9 x 12″ On Paper. (SOLD). More originals available here.


I love using paper napkins for layers in my paintings. This is one of the painting projects in my online class. Painting For The Heart – A Mini Course.

I started with layers of inks, acrylics, paint pens and pastel on bristol paper to create the background.

From there, the fox emerged from the paint. And I knew he needed the birds from this paper napkin in his belly.

And now for a video sneak peek…


I’ve always created whimsical characters with meaning in their belly. To me, it’s like finding out and connecting to whatever it is that is most important to you… those dreams and passions that are hidden deep inside.

Most often, I repeat whatever I have in my character’s belly somewhere in the final background as well. Even if it is just a repetition of color. This, to me, is a symbol of releasing that dream and passion out into the world. It is like imagining that whatever you dream already exists or has already happened.

And that is how this piece got its name and story…

This painting is all about acknowledging, those parts of yourself and others that you wish you could sometimes ignore (or completely hide), knowing that accepting and letting go, leaves more room for peace and strength to grow.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


  1. I tried contacting you using the contact tab, but I got an email sent to me that it did not go through. So I am hoping this is ok to post here, I love your work and I am interested in taking one or several of your online courses. I love your backgrounds and whimsical characters. I was initially thinking of taking Happy painting and painting for the heart. But then I saw the 2 Serendipity Classes and those looked really good and then I saw the How to create Whimsical animals and the backgrounds class. I thought I knew what ones I wanted to take but i am now confused as to what ones to take. Can you recommend class or a few that would teach layered background techniques and the Whimsical creatures? I know this is probably difficult to answer but if you could lead in in a few directions that would be much appreciated. Right now I feel like i want to take them all, but just can’t do that at this time:) Also wondering if you will be offering a year long class like the Serendipity ones any time soon? Thanks do much. If you want to email me privately please do.

    • Hi Stacy, The Happy Painting and Painting From the Heart classes are great intro classes. But if you’re really looking to dive in, I’d recommend my Serendipity 1 class, since I share a lot of different layering techniques in that class and many different characters. Also, the way I teach is that I share the template I use to create any whimsical character (I share this in every class since I think it really helps you to take the projects and make them your own). I hope that helps! Feel free to email me directly at if you have any more questions. Ps. There has been a lot of interest in a new Serendipity course, so I am considering that for 2016… in the mean time, I am having a Serendipity 1 & 2 sale this weekend (starting Friday, 10/23/15… enter SERENDIPITY at checkout and each class will be $99 each (even with the payment plan). xoxo

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