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Lately I’ve been thinking how easy it is to get wrapped up in the doing of things. I’ve realized the importance of taking a moment to stop and enjoy the flowers, to sit with a cup of tea or a good book of poetry, walk barefoot in the grass or even along the sidewalk. June, for me, is all about remembering the things that make me, me. It’s about returning to a state of being and just allowing myself to BE, PHENOMENALLY.

I was lucky enough to see Maya Angelou read at a small venue a few years ago. I had a press pass and got to sit front row. I especially delight in her poem Phenomenal Woman, in honor of which I’ve named this painting.

More photos and details of this Original Mixed Media Painting BE, PHENOMENALLY in my etsy art shop!

BE, PHENOMENALLY- Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas (10X10 inches)
Just before I finished this painting, I couldn’t stop myself from adding those curly cue things on top her head. I imagined them being like those headbands I loved as a kid, with the sparkly antennae on springs that you could jiggle and wiggle around.

I knew this girl had to have white hair with dark eyebrows, which reminded me of one of my favorite artists and designers, Natalie Chanin, who is famous for her stunning applique clothing and product lines. So, with her style in mind, it worked perfectly to create an applique-style dress. I used vintage wallpaper and made cut-outs in the buttercup yellow paper, then glued it over the red before cutting out her skirt and pairing it with a gold top and matching belt. I’ve added all sorts of other materials from my studio…acrylics, ink, pencil, and pastel. Then on top, applied an antique decoupage for added softness and beauty.

Archival prints and mounted prints are also available.


  1. i love your new creation
    & she is phenomenal indeed!
    i too have had the huge gift
    of hearing maya angelou in person
    & i am right with you in being deeply moved!
    lol. xox

  2. You never disappoint me with your wonderful art!

  3. I love that poem! One of my favorites.

  4. Gorgeous..and always with a twist of magic!! Wonderfully beautiful work!

  5. Gorgeous and phenomenal ! I love your intention for the month of June – I have been trying to make that my life intention too, whenever I can.
    Hmmm, now I am dreaming of a magical head band of my own…
    Happy Be-ing !

  6. Kim, you should definitely find a magical headband for yourself. I am sure those antennae ones must still be around or you could always create your own with a bit of glitter!

  7. I love the choice of colors you use in your art. I am eventually going to do some of my pen and ink art in color and I hope it will look as good as yours.Phenomenal is a good name for your art.:)

  8. you are just phenomenal!!! but it was awesome to see her in person!
    fun piece!

  9. This is very lovely – I can tell you put a lot of thought into this picture and I love that you use many different media to create your work.
    I'm a June baby too and always enjoyed this month, except now that I live in the humidity and heat where I have to hibernate till November.

    Have a nice evening and stay cool.

  10. wonderful piece and I love her little “antennas”. I have not heard of Natalie but am now interested to check out more on her.

    I really like the way you have photographed this piece with the board as background and your pastels along side… so artistic looking

  11. What a lovely post. Thanks for the reminder to stop and enjoy life.

  12. beeyouteefull! a phenomenal little lady indeed. i love her color palette!

  13. This new illustration is amazing!Love the colours and her expression!

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