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be captain of your own ship

BE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN SHIP. Prints available in my etsy shop.
a few months ago i woke up from a dream with this phrase in my head, “You Are The Captain of Your Own Ship.” and as soon as i finished this painting i just knew it had to be the title.

i’ve been taking misty mawn’s stretching within e-course, and so i decided to try a few background painting techniques with adding and then rubbing away acrylic paint.

then gluing on different papers like this vintage postcard…

and these sailboats from a vintage greeting card. the crazy thing is, i glued the right sailboat on first. then decided to do a gel transfer above it (you can see the face down postcard there drying), and went to work on another painting. when i came back, i found the other half of the sailboat card on my studio table and was really drawn to the seagulls, so that’s what i was placing on my background (not even that second row of sailboats on the left that ended up right in horizon line with that first boat!). i love it when that happens!

next on finished my gel transfer and really loved the paper left behind, so i used that and added some bright blue (the whole time i was just playing, and not really thinking).

i thought it needed an owl right there at the center (i still wasn’t even seeing, consciously, that there was a sea on the horizon right behind my character!). and for some reason, i just loved that giant poinsettia right like a crown on top of his head!

here, i added his features and little polka dot embellishments.

then i finally realized this piece was sort of an owl, resting on a cliff above the ocean!

and definitely a reminder to BE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN SHIP!

i really love how images just come together like this! it’s like finally realizing this story you’ve had inside, just waiting to get out!

happy creating!


  1. this turned out really great, i love seeing your process 🙂

  2. It's like the owl was meant to be exactly where it landed. How cool! Love the techniques you used here. The colors, the sailboats, all very cool. I'm really into sailboats these days.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this one Juliette! sounds like you really enjoyed misty's class! I really love seeing the progression of your paintings! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Fantastic! Truly inspired! Thanks for showing the technique too, I thought for a moment you'd painted the ships in minute detail and it's a postcard – it works so well! xx

  5. the process is one of my very favorite things too see.

    your art shines girlie1

  6. may i just say it's freakin cool 2 C ur process!

  7. I think I let out an audible sigh when I saw that big, beautiful flower on this little lady's head! I think this has to be one of your most beautiful pieces. She is simply stunning.

  8. What an interesting painting – I loved seeing the process form go to whoa. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Really amazing piece! Thanks for sharing how you created it. 🙂 Theresa

  10. wow. there is so much in it. so very cool.

  11. great juliette. love to see the process shots. hope your trip to an arful journey is WONDERFUL!

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