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Art Journaling

Lately, I’ve been taking the time to journal and paint each morning in my garden.

It’s been a wonderful way to stay creative. And it’s really kept my paintings loose and free.

I keep my main supplies ready to go in my kitchen so I can create any time (no excuses): a small sketchbook or journal, a cup of water and 2 brushes, a watercolor set, a stabilo pencil (and sharpener) and three water-soluble oil pastels (crayons or oil sticks would also do). All of this fits into one small pile.

Sometimes I want to put it all away, but I know, if I do, it gives me an excuse not to paint.

Here are a few of the pages I’ve been creating…

Whenever I create these pages I hold nothing back.

I stick with the same simple shapes and techniques, using those as my fallback techniques again and again.

That way, my imagination can wander.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


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  1. What sketchbook are you using? I like the square format and it looks like the pages are holding the paint well.

    • Hi Lynda, I’m not sure the brand of skecthbook as I ripped off the label, but it’s an 8×8″ with a cardboard cover. the pages are a bit thin, but I too love the square format. I found it at book people in austin tx, a giant bookstore, so I’m thinking any big bookstore might have them. they came in all sorts of sizes.

  2. Juliette, they look awesome. Love them!

  3. Juliette, they look awesome. I love all of them. It wonderful how you create with little amount of supplies. There is no reason for not creating!

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