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Art Journaling With Mixed Media & A VIDEO!

i am having so much fun art journaling! 
i purchased my first art journal ever a few weeks ago. people mentioned i might get addicted to art journaling, but i never thought i’d love it quite so much!
for years i’ve taken to writing morning pages (via Julia Cameron and the Artist’s Way). and when i ran out of pages and needed a new journal, i figured i’d just pick up something i always love with a gorgeous cover and graph or recycled paper inside.
but when i saw this journal, the thought jumped in that it would be a perfect art journal. 
and slowly, i’ve been filling it’s pages with doodles, collages and mixed media.
after taking mindy lacefield’s paint your story online class, i was inspired to start taking drawings from my sketchbook and layering them in my journal with all sorts of supplies. 
i don’t often feel pressure when i create, but there’s something about working right on these pages that keeps things spontaneous. it’s so free-ing!
and since i’ve convinced myself it’s a journal rather than a sketchbook, my mind goes straight to including words too. 
for these pages, i used water soluble oil pastels, white gesso, a silver graffiti paint marker, painted background pages from my sketchbook, and tissue paper.
i happened to record the process of this art journal page from start to finish…i hope you enjoy the video!
[responsive_vimeo 50148395]

Art Journaling from Juliette Crane on Vimeo.

happy painting!
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  1. A lovely video I did enjoy it! I've kept art journals for years and I'm so addicted to them I find it difficult to break out onto a separate sheet of paper or canvas! 😉
    jess xx

  2. Great video and great page! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. I love your art journal. It is inspiring to me. I truly don't know why but I have always had an aversion to art journaling. (Probably because it is what I most need…) But your journal is the only one I have seen that makes me excited about the possibility of trying it myself. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! This is a project that I definitely want to do. Your video was also great – I loved watching your painting process. 🙂

  5. I'm so excited you posted this. It's so inspiring! I'm trying to do 15 minutes a day since you started posting these pages on Facebook. Keep the inspiration coming!

  6. I dont know how you do it but everything you create looks so great and looks so easy.. until I try it.. must take your class soon..

  7. this is my first art journal and i'm trying to keep my words at the forefront, but so often they get covered up. either way, i'm having so much fun with it. it is so free-ing 🙂

  8. thanks! if people like them enough, i'd love to share a few more 🙂

  9. i too always had an aversion to art journaling. so nice to know mine inspired you…it's my take on it and i'm thinking of doing a course with more too. nice to know you enjoyed it 🙂

  10. thanks! that so nice to know 🙂

  11. i've been loving to see some of your new pages, lynda. so happy to hear you found this inspiring! i think i will have to share a few more and maybe turn something into a course 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for your kindness…would love to have you in class. I’m thinking of doing a course as an offshoot to what’s in the video…so it’s nice to know you enjoyed it 🙂

  13. Hi Sweetie, We are living in France for 2months. The kids & i love shopping for art supplies. We have covered the rental apartment with lots of plastic tablecloths to protect it and then make a mess. We love your video. It has really inspired each of us differently. The 10yr old went straight for the collage, ripping newspapers, getting out the water pencils. Miss 6 started hers with paint & glitter, of course. Me sketching & doodling in the Autumn morning sun. Thanks for sharing Juliette. *

  14. wow! that is so inspiring to hear! happy painting! sounds absolutely lovely 🙂

  15. Such beautiful and colorful drawings. I love the vibrancy. Thanks for sharing.

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