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and then things happen, quite remarkably

 TITLE: Thine and Thou, Together. Prints available in my etsy shop.

it’s so funny to me sometimes how things just work out. this painting is the first i’ve done with two characters. i painted it with the intention of expressing the comfort and love i feel whenever i open myself up to friendships and togetherness. 

i just adore the red bird’s asymmetrical spikes and the simplicity that the blue bird brings to their relationship. these little birds sat on my studio table, just like this. and i thought i needed to add a visual element between them, to further emphasize their togetherness.
but i decided to get some work done at my favorite coffeeshop instead. i usually work from home, but it’s been rainy and i couldn’t work outside on the patio, so i packed up and got out. and it seems whenever i do that, things happen. 
this time, i was sitting at the coffeeshop and had to switch tables to plug in. and once i did, i overheard two women at the table beside me talking about tai chi. as they were packing up, i started a conversation with one of the ladies and ended up showing her my website. she adored my owl paintings and was interested in one in particular.

now, i know it’s a bit weird, but i  invited her over to see the original in my studio. she loved it! then she noticed this painting with the two birds, and she knew it was the piece she must have instead.

 and as we stood in my studio, she read the words on the blue bird’s belly, “thine and thou,” and i said that was completely unintentional. yet when i look, those words are right there at the center and she said, “that seems to me to be the focus of the entire piece.” and so it’s name was born, and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

the definition of thine-“used to indicate the one or ones belonging to thee” and thou “used to indicate the one being addressed.” to me those words sum up my intention of painting a piece devoted to togetherness and foreverness, not just on a physical level, but in every way, THINE and THOU, TOGETHER.

it’s kind of wonderful when those things happen and reminds me things are always moving forward and falling into place. even without planning, things happen, quite remarkably. 


ps. thank you so much again for all of your kindness and support regarding my ART SAVES story on!  


  1. The more I think about this, the more remarkabe the whole story is. On many levels. It's one of those times when truly, all of the stars and moons were aligned and poof! it all came togther…and happened. i LOVE this!!

  2. Hi Juliette! I found you over on Kelly's blog. Love your art work! Its so beautiful! Great post! Love this piece! I look forward to following your journey! 🙂

  3. as i reread it too, i realized there's so much “coincidence” going on there.

    it's lovely to meet you, cathy!

    xoxo, juliette

  4. I like the photo of the work-in-progress with your paintbrushes. Cool to see it come together.


  5. Don't ya just love those Coincidences ? I do , they really make you realized that things happen for a reason and they just are the messages from the universe telling us were on the right path or not , in your case , you are on the right path and the message is clear that good things are happening and your on your way . Thanks so much for an inspiring story , you must be feeling great right now ! : P

  6. what a beautiful story…..chock full of unexpected goodness-es!!!!

    you know…i don't believe in coincidence. this is EXACTLY what was supposed to happen.

    i adore Thine and Thou.
    and you.


  7. That is so cool! Serendipity.

  8. I love it! What a great story!! 🙂

  9. How perfect! When you notice these things it means you are listening and paying attention. I really love being in moments like yours. It is what happened for me and resulted in my attending Squam in a couple of weeks. Your pair of birds is one of my favorites so far. Your talent is soaring and it is great to get a peek at what you are doing and the thoughts behind it all.

  10. These little fellas are just gorgeous, and I love the words on his tummy
    You're spreading so much happiness with your art!

  11. Perfect pairing! Both the words and the little birds.

  12. I love these type of connections. Will you be doing more pairings?

  13. It's amazing how things just come together sometimes isn't it? Syncronicity….♥

  14. I love this story because it makes me remember that there is Something bigger than you and I and that our art is truly a gift to the world. I may HAVE to have this print so that it will be a constant reminder to me.

  15. i am planning to paint more pairings like this one. and i might just need to try bigger painting again too 🙂

  16. I love these little owls, and the title is wonderful too. You should make some bigger ones too. Keep the owls coming.

  17. What a wonderful story – the Universe is moving in sync with you I think 🙂
    Such a sweet painting too.

  18. Love this story. I live for moments like these!

  19. What a lovely piece and great story, I love the energy and bright colours in this one and the words are just perfect!

  20. Don't you love it when things happen like that?? It's quite lovely…

  21. All we need to do is be in the moment and realize things happen for a reason. Great post and love the new duo you have painted. Happy and Safe Labor Day weekend…

  22. Dearest Juliette, such a wonderful sweet story and this piece is just gorgeous! The words are just perfect! I love your idea of working away at the coffeeshop…sounds fun! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  23. I love this Juliette. I felt the very sam ething when I looked at the painting – the sentiment of togetherness. I think I need to start working in coffee shops more too! Look what can happen after all!

  24. lovely synchronicity…and one thing will continually lead to another. beautiful piece ~

  25. EVIDENCE … I so luv this story and the piece.

  26. That is a remarkable story! And since I don't fully believe in “accidents” I'm convinced it had to be this way or your subconscience (or whatever – heart?) so these words and made your fingers choose exactly this part of the music sheet… Whatever it was, the result is SOOO beautiful.

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