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A Work In Progress

I definitely KNOW I need to run out and get brilliant red glitter for this girl’s dress! The rest of the painting, I have no idea what it will turn into. But I just see her as some kind of mermaid, deciding whether or not to get back into that water. And she definitely needs to SPARKLE!
This is a really big painting for me (size-wise). I mean, most of my pieces are 10×10 inches and this canvas is 20×24! I didn’t think it would be so intimidating. But she’s sat like this for a few days now, and today I am finally going to get that red glitter! I’m also wanting to play around with a few mixed media techniques I’ve been seeing for the background. I used to make a mess with beeswax, stencils and spray paint. I’m LOVING the look of layered backgrounds and can’t wait to get out the old supplies and try it!  


  1. she's really sweet Juliette.

    i cannot wait to see her red sparkles!

    happy wednesday

  2. So wonderful – can't wait to see her when she sparkles! In my opinion, glitter just makes everything that much better – don't you think?

  3. Just LOVE your new blog look! So happy for YOU with all of your excitement and success!!!!

    Woo Hoo, Ms. Juliette =-)

  4. really lovely the glitter will look amazingxx

  5. Can't wait to see her sparkle! I love seeing and hearing your process.

  6. just picked up my red glitter…it's called “extreme glitter” so i'm super excited to see what it can do 🙂

  7. I have recently painted on larger canvases and LOVE it! There is something intimidating and freeing all at the same time. Can't wait to see the contrasting red glitter against that bright beautiful blue! xo

  8. Juliette, I can't wait to see her finished!!
    Pop on over when you get a chance to sign up for my give-a-way. I'm going to make a soldered charm necklace out of two artists paintings!!

  9. Can't wait to see the red glitter tail! Almost a Dorothy Mermaid 😉 Wonderful!

  10. I can hardly wait to see the completed piece. How fun.

  11. really dig your style of work 😀

  12. I love her little face. Can't wait to see her finished.

  13. ooooh cant wait to see her finished too. Lovely. x

  14. i could eat this one up
    like a popsicle! yum!xo

  15. Red glitter is a must! Can't wait to see it finished. 🙂

  16. ohhhh I love this one already! Can't wait to see the finished piece. The red sparkly dress will be stunning!

  17. So far I love the painting, she's adorable, and the blue is a great color. Can't wait to see it finished, red glitter and all.

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