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A Winter Studio Tour

Juliette Crane

My studio has changed a lot over the last few years. It really is a consistent work in progress.

You can see past incarnations of my studio here.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know just how much I adore painting outside. Brian got me this fabulous art cart (by stanley) so I can wheel my art supplies wherever I wish.

But when the weather changes, that’s when I seem to switch my studio from room to room around the house.

I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that I could use as my studio. But I always find myself most inspired in the kitchen.

So, this year, I finally gave in and made my kitchen my studio.

I’ve found that I just am not inspired to paint if it can’t be outside or near a super bright window with the sun shining in. So I’ve sent up everything in the brightest space in the house.

Ever since I came back from teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp in October (where I painted at a table), I’ve found myself painting at my kitchen table instead of on the floor too.

Sort of a new evolution of everything. So here’s what my studio looks like these days…

Whenever I create, it’s really all about organized chaos. I know I hate picking up, yet I always make a mess. And I get frustrated when I can’t find the art supplies I need.

So, I have bins and boxes and cups for everything. That way, everything has its place, but it only takes minutes to put it all away.

What’s your painting space like?

Happy Holidays!

Juliette Crane

ps. If you’d like to paint together, find my online courses and painting videos right here.


  1. I loved this glimpse into your studio Juliette! I follow you on Instagram, and I always enjoy your pictures of works in progress. The bright and happy colors make me smile! I love the whimsy of all your artwork!

  2. I truly found your post so inspiring! I love your studio space!!!! My space currently is a disaster!!! Working lots in it these days and getting it just the right way is always a work in progress!!!

  3. I had to smile when I read this Juliette as I just had to look behind me at my 1.8 metre dining table covered in paint, ink and canvases to see the same …. My dining area is off the kitchen and yes its my favourite too — of course its a major if at any time any of the family want to come for dinner but its handy……..

  4. I have a creativity station in our living room. Thanks to Ikea, it matches our decor. I have attractive looking baskets and bins to store my supplies in, a shelf unit, desk, and easel. I like being in the living room because I can be in the family space plus there is a lot of light in there.

  5. My space is out of sorts right now. It’s full of a left-over mess from some frenzied holiday painting and crafting. My plan today is to put everything back in order. I’ve been thinking of moving my easel to my living room because I have huge beautiful windows and gorgeous light in there. You’ve inspired me to really consider making the move, Juliette! I’m like you…I will not be as enthusiastic about painting unless I’m able to be in the sun.

  6. Love your studio Juliette. It is really filled with light.

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