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Juliette Crane

This giveaway has ended. Thank you for all of your cherished comments.

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Congratulations to Junea Loakes for leaving the winning comment!



These are just a few of the projects we’ve already been painting in SERENDIPITY – A YEAR IN MIXED MEDIA. It has been pretty amazing to see all of the artwork that has already been created during class… not to mention, to read all of the supportive and encouraging comments in our lovely online community.

The random drawing for all of this week’s giveaways will be Monday, November 18 at 5PM EST.

If you’re already registered for SERENDIPITY – A YEAR IN MIXED MEDIA, there’s still something special for you too… if you win, you can either choose a spot in one of my other online courses or gift your free place to a very lucky friend.

The giveaway winners for all of this week’s giveaways will be announced here Tuesday, November 19, 2013!

Thank you SO much for your continued support, kindness and encouragement. It means the world to be able to share my heart and artwork with YOU!

With gratitdue,

Juliette Crane

ps. Thank you to my lovely husband and web developer Brian Knapp of Humanityllc for all of his work on the new website and blog. Brian also builds all of my online course platforms, so if you’re looking to share your passion with the world and have been think about launching your own ecourse, feel free to contact him here. He’s lovely to work with!


  1. Juliette – Your paintings are so magical looking! I’d love to win, but good luck everyone!


  2. OMGosh…Thanks for sharing your talents with the world. Your creativity is contagious! What a treat it would be to be a part or your world.

  3. What a great gift, thanks. This is a fantastic class, the best online class I have ever taken and I have taken a lot over a few years.

  4. This looks like a fabulous course. How awesome to have an opportunity to win.

  5. *swoon* I would LOVE to win this! <3

  6. This looks like a fab course. Thank you Juliette and good luck everyone x

  7. This is fantastic gift! Thank you!

  8. I can’t believe I actually managed to leave a comment every day. I’m NEVER that committed. 🙂 Yes, good luck to everyone!

  9. So excited for you to be teaching this year- long course!

  10. Juliet! I am so loving all your colors and your courses and your blog! I would LOVE LOVE to take a course from you…

    Lovely Website by the way!


  11. I’m loving this class so far and who ever wins will be OVER THE MOON! Thank you for your generosity, your talent and your beautiful spirit!

  12. Fingers crossed….toes crossed….knees crossed….arms crossed….eyes crossed….crossed….crossed ….crossed…..

  13. I would LOVE to win a spot in your class!

  14. I would love to win a spot in your online course! Good luck to everyone!:)

  15. Ahh yes.. the one ive been waiting for. Your new class. How lovely. To win any of the prizes is a real treat. Good luck to everyone. Thank you, Juliette!

  16. this one’s up as a prize too? Wow, fantastic! whoever wins will be very lucky 😀

  17. A spectacularly designed website. Congrats to your hubby too.

  18. What. A week! Love the site, your video samples, FB updates. Your style is so appealing to me. Can’t wait to see more.

  19. Oh juliette….I would love to win this! I love your work! Carlanda

  20. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in this class!! Would love to take it!! Gorgeous, gorgeous website, so clean and easy to navigate. 🙂

  21. this one would be really, really awesome to win, some people, some animals, alittle bit of everything and for a whole year….to die for. i would be thrilled to win any of them. thank you sweet juliette, you are so generous and talented. i want to learn from you so much. here hoping, praying, wishing, and crossing everything. thank you for the opportunity hun. love you. xoxo

  22. I’d love to win a spot in your class! I’m a long-time admirer. Your stuff makes me happy!

  23. I just love how you show your process! It’s amazing to see the paintings evolve and the finished piece emerge. 🙂

    Steph Herbert
    sherbertink at gmail dot com

  24. Would sooooo love to take this class!

  25. entry for Maureen Craddock

  26. I absolutely love your work. I would love a change to win this class. thank you SO much for the opportunity

  27. Another great class!! Thanks so much!!!

  28. Adore your work….love the website!!!

  29. I want to take all your classes! Thanks for the chance<3

  30. Juliette
    I love the sketches and artwork that you shared in this post. It makes me smile from ear to ear!

  31. I would love to win any one of your classes. I love your pieces.

  32. Hi Juliette! I love your artwork and you’re such an inspiration!

  33. Great gift, thank you:)

  34. Love your work!!

  35. Oooh! Would be so thrilled to win a place in this class 🙂

  36. Hi Juliette! I love you art and would LOVE to take a class with you, especially a year long class, wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot! PS Your hubby did a amazing job with the new website!

  37. I want to learn to play like you do!

  38. I try and do some art every day. winning a spot in this year long class would be fabulous. I love your art

  39. Your characters are adorable. Hope I win.

  40. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  41. so many awesome classes, juliette! it would be so fun to participate in one! 🙂

  42. So cool 🙂 thank you for the opportunity to win!

  43. Would love to win a place in this amazing course. Thanks for the chance!

  44. This looked like such a great class! I’ve already taken your How to Paint an Owl 2 course and it was just awesome, lots of great videos on the process, and I’m sure this will be the same!

  45. The new website is fabulous! thanks for all the chances to win this week 🙂

  46. This is the class I am dying to take! Would love to win this one. A year of inspiration! Whoa! Mmpm88

  47. It would be a dream come true to take this class with you!

  48. A year of Juliette Crane? Yes, please! Thank you for the opportunity!

  49. If I could learn just a little of how you work magic with your paintbrush….You work is great…Thanks Toni

  50. I signed up for my first class last month and I’m hooked! Your work is so inspiring!

  51. I’d love to learn from you!

  52. Hi Julia,
    Serendipity sounds great. You will be busy. Best of luck with this year long adventure.
    Kyles xo

  53. I would love a years worth of inspiration from you! Thanks for the opportunity !

  54. I would be delighted to win this. I have taken a couple of your other courses and love the inspiration your classes offer! With winter upon us, it would be a perfect time to create!

  55. oh how I want to win a spot in one if these classes. Please pick me!!

  56. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  57. Oh wow! This would make my whole year if I was the lucky one to win a spot on your Serendipity course. Just looking at your work has inspired me so much already :”)

  58. it would be magickal to join this class!

  59. I am always amazed at how creative your paintings are, it is like a little treasure hunt with so many tiny spots of happenings.

  60. Juliette, I Love all your art, your layering process, colours and whimsical critters, owls and girls

  61. ok i just got some fluorescent paint in and i am ready to paint some pink cheeks. now where is my art journal! i love your website!


  62. The creatures all have a soul of their own. They are remarkable. You are remarkable.

    I have a picture that I did at Lucky Star Art Camp in you classes, and my main figure is looking out toward the left edge of the paper while there is a dancer and a balloon on the right, and lots of “snow.” You walked by and said, “In the world but not of it.” Now who but you would see it the way I meant it but didn’t know it?

  63. You are so generous for all the giveaways you have been having! I love your art and would love to spend a year creating with you and all the beautiful souls in your classes. 🙂

  64. Thank you for your generosity – hope I win 😉

  65. This sound like the most wonderful course in the world your work looks so freeing and beautiful would love a change thank you

  66. Thanks for the giveaways this week, Juliette!

  67. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Mariette xo

  68. This course really looks so cool! I would be so thrilled if I win this one! Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. I would love a place in this course. Thanks for the chance!!

  70. This would be fantastic to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. I would love to win a spot on one of your courses. I like the style of painting.

  72. I love the evolution in your work. It would be awesome to learn from you.

  73. I am loving this class — learning so much — looking forward to doing the November less on — thanks for another opportunity to win a spot in one of your online classes

  74. Oh, how lovely lovely!!!! Your work is amazing! And your classes are awesome!

  75. Hi Juliette,

    I love your approach to art so I would love to learn from you.

  76. Beautiful work! Thank you for the chance to win any of your classes!

  77. Wow! A Year! That will be fantastic for someone. Yes, I’d love a chance at a spot in this class. Thank you.

  78. This is the class I REALLY want to take. I would have signed up when it was first offered, but I was already taking a long term class. Love the work I’ve seen on FB.

  79. Your creatures are magical. I’m in love with fairy gardens and these will fit right in !! 🙂

  80. WOW! Your week of giveaways is amazing. Thank you Juliette for your inspiration and your kindness.
    Angel blessings.

  81. I would soooooo benefit from this lesson! Love all your incredible talents!

  82. I love your little sketches! So cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in your course!

  83. Oh my God, this would be a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  84. Oh how sweet these are! I’d love to learn how you create such beautiful art. Each piece has a depth that I want to linger and wonder over.

    Thank you for sharing your art and offering us the opportunities to learn.

  85. i love how you mix colors and patterns and of course the precious creatures you create.
    thanks so much
    jeanie mossa

  86. This is amazing. Thank You so much.

  87. Your website with all your beautiful artwork is a feast for the eyes! Would love to win a class with you! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  88. * * * juliette, when I think of all the JOY you create with your classes, videos, blogsot –
    it is overwhelming! Winning a spot in your painting community would be the best!
    thanks too, for all the inspiration * * *

  89. Everything you do just radiates joy and light! Thank you for the chance to win- and good luck to everyone!

  90. Your artwork makes my inner child giddy with laughter. 🙂 xox

  91. Oooooh this is awesome. I would love a place in this workshop. Thanks for all the amazing inspiration you so willingly share….

  92. I’m drooling all over the idea of winning this one. I admit it. I’m drooling. Please put my drooling entry into your mix of potential winners of this fabulous to say the LEAST giveaway. Oh my!!! *smiles* and thank you for the opportunity. Norma

  93. This looks awesome! Thanks for this offer!!!!

  94. Love your Artwork and Love your Website!
    Entering for My Chance to Win!
    Good Luck Everybody! And Me!

  95. I would love to win this & come play! Looks like so much fun!

  96. How exciting! I love your new Website! I would be delighted to win any one of your classes!

  97. This course looks amazing! Love the title of it. I wrote a little poem called Serendipity a few years ago …. so am sharing it with you. Hope you don’t mind. Love the chance to be able to participate ….. crossing my fingers that I will be selected. Thank you.


    We experience the possibility
    And consider the credibility
    Then we look to dependability
    And some reliability

    When we discover the profundity
    And experience the complexity
    We consider feasibility
    Or look to plausibility

    But we think with curiosity
    And imagine reciprocity
    When it happens instantaneously
    We proclaim incredibility

    We wonder at improbability
    And pronounce incredulity
    For this awesome probability
    But it’s only serendipity!

    Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

    ©Jane Nov 10, 2010

  98. This one would be a dream come true! What a fabulous year this would be – something wonderous to look forward to for a whole year….thank you…

  99. It would be wonderful to do art with you for a whole year!
    Cheers, Cathy

  100. wow, looks like an amazing course. The paintings are wonderful 🙂

  101. I would love to experience your techniques in action!

  102. I love the whimsy of your art. I would love to learn how you do it.

  103. to win a spot would be really great, your art really stands out and I would love to learn some new techniques to grow as an artist and it would be really fun! thank you!

  104. A year of mixed-media is just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for sharing this with us and providing such a wonderful opportunity.

  105. would love to win a spot in this class! thanks for the chance~

  106. Everything you do is so inspiring….

  107. what a great give away! would love a spot in your class!

  108. Your work is absolutely amazing, and your website is amazing as well. I would love to win a spot in Serendipity!

  109. loving your awesome promotion!

  110. Juliette ~ Your new site is just beautiful & fits your look & style!

    Thank you so much for the grand & generous opportunity!! ~H♥~

  111. Your class looks like a lot of fun. I’d love the chance to take it.

  112. Thank you for the chance to wine. It looks like and amazing course. The new website is really lovely!

  113. Thanks for another chance at a great class!

  114. Ok, although I’m interested in all your classes, I think I’m most excited about this one!! Not only because it’s a year of inspiration, but also because it’s a little bit of everything. This is definitely at the top of my art class wish list!


  115. I just love your style and would relish in taking a course from you. Thank you for your generosity!

  116. This would be exactly what I need right now… would LOVE to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. I loved painting an owl with you in “Life Book”, and I would love to learn more about your processes and inspirations. Your class would be a lovely 40th birthday gift! Yes, I am that today! Good to be healthy, loved, and making art! Your class looks great!

  118. Awesome! Thanks.

  119. Love all your classes and new website. Thanks Toni

  120. All of your classes are more than wish list-worthy, and this one is the No. 1 on my list. 😀

  121. Another wonderful giveaway and you are so very inspirational. I would love to win this one.

  122. WOW what a lovely giveaway!!! The winner will be a happy one! 🙂

  123. I would LOVE to win a spot in this e-course! My name is Kim Smith and my email is

  124. I love your artwork and would love to win a spot in your class!

  125. OMG, Juliette, I would LOVE to win a spot in one of your classes!! It’s been a week of good news, finally, so winning this would be icing on the cake!

  126. Your work is so beautiful, Juliette. Thanks for sharing your many gifts.
    Michelle M. Jones

  127. Man it would be suh-weet to win a spot in this class!! ::fingers crossed::

  128. I’d love to win a spot on your fabulous ecourse – many thanks for the opportunity Juliette!

  129. I’m learning so much with your class, I’d love to keep on learning. <3

  130. this is the class i am most excited to take! congrats on the beautiful new website, juliette!

  131. Great class to unleash your creativity

  132. I would love to have a bit of learning from you every month 🙂
    thanks for the chance to win a spot

  133. Serendipity looks like TONS of inspirational fun! Wow, it would be so much fun to join in on all the fun 😉 Thanks again for the chance to win a spot.

  134. Oh my goodness…if I win this I know I will have died and gone to heaven…I wanted to take the class so badly, but just couldn’t fit it into my budget this year…thank you so very much for the opportunity to win!

  135. I would love to win a spot!

  136. This class looks like a blast! Would love an opportunity to win!

  137. I would love to win a spot in the class. I hope I’m not to late to enter, I found you only this morning. Thank you so much! I love your whimsical style!!!

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