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a sweet new print + the evolution of a painting

TITLE: Fresh From the Ocean. Prints available in my etsy shop.
It’s always fun to see how a painting evolves. And this one I am especially happy with. I shared the beginning process with you last week, but I see now this piece was much less about the stenciling technique + all about the girl that was slowly emerging. 
Sure, she started with these antlers budding with cherry blossoms. And when I looked at the in-process painting just laying on my studio table after that last post, I thought, “there’s no way I can make something of this. What on earth is this girl’s story?” And I almost painted right over the entire thing!
The background is almost all new. But I love how you can still see the little bits of the original blue tie dye pattern beneath the sheer white. I spray painted those triangles in at the last moment too, and for some reason they seem to fit, although I have no idea what they are or mean. I also went nuts with my new favorite art supply Ranger’s “Distressed Ink” in vintage photo, which gave it that wonderful tea stained hue at the edges to compliment the use of it in her great ball skirt.

If you remember, I felt inclined early on to paste a quote I’d found into her dress, “Fresh From the Ocean.” To me, this girl is all about wonder + innocence and that quote seems to best express those feelings. I love the ocean + that incredible feeling of swimming with the waves. It’s such a freedom + completely refreshing to me. So while this girl is a little scared + apprehensive about what lies ahead, she is also drawn to the magic and beauty that exists in the unknown.
Sort of like the entire process of painting. It’s always intriguing to me to see what stays + in what direction a piece goes. The constant uncovering and discovering is so amazing! Why does something feel complete in the end? It’s a mystery. And I know it’s a feeling I get more than anything else. A constant following of instincts and, most importantly, taking chances.
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  1. Ohhhh, I simply love her!

  2. I love seeing the process – thanks for sharing!

  3. I like how you ahow the process, but I LOVE the end product. The white triangles look like the clouds in the sky…and I love the look on her face, her eyes, her mouth, her long hair. Beautiful yellows…!Ah!

  4. This is so pretty! I just love it.

  5. just beautiful. well done girl! xo

  6. ps. i put your button on my website under “art friends”…. 😉

  7. you know i love to see the evolution of a piece… she's beautiful!

  8. You're right! the process is fascinating. but working through it to the end- the I'm happy with this- place is sometimes a wrestling match. I have a boring painting sitting on my bar right now.. needs more tender loving care.. but it is at such a bratty stage, I just want to ignore it.

  9. Thank you for sharing your process on this piece…she is so lovely!

  10. Thanks for sharing your process! I love how she turned out and the quote you added. I am always fascinated by how things can evolve and seeing the end result with others art work and my own~
    Have a great weekend~Theresa

  11. i love the evolution of this one. very beautiful. the colors are wonderful and such a sweet face. this piece turned out fabulous. i especially like the muted colors of the background.

  12. juliette :), i do so love the way you show the evolution of your works in progress. one day in the future i shall write up a post like this one, but for now, my process is too painful (!) to document!!! but i am very much loving the forgiving nature of this medium…repainting and repapering. redoing; i need this so much in my life! 🙂

  13. Loved seeing the evolution of this piece. Thank you for sharing! I have to admit, I love both pieces, I think she looked adorable with her cherry blossom antlers 🙂 but the final piece is just as beautiful. Wonderful work!

  14. i absolutely love this one. something about so fresh and cheery. 🙂

  15. I love this sweet girl! Her innocence, your innocence, the freedom, and your freedom in creating. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  16. She is so cute. It's funny how the final result is sometimes SO different from your original concept.

  17. She turned out so lovely! I enjoy watching projects evolve. It's wonderful to meet another artist.

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  19. Fascinating! I'm going to go check out your Etsy shop right now!

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