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a painting in progress

lately whenever i paint, i just have to paint whimsical girls again! 

i’m always in love with their faces, but can’t seem to get their scene right.

i’m playing a lot with color and ambiguity, so it will be fun to see how what i’m learning in flora bowley’s class at the do what you love retreat effects this painting when i get home. 

because i’m trying to define some shapes like these teardrops…

but so often it feels rushed, so i cover it all up and create a new scene. 

i’ve been gardening so much and thinking of growing all of my own food…so of course here she went into becoming a farmer. and i loved her, but for some reason she just wasn’t right.

so she got red hair. and almost everything went black except for one lamp post in the background.

and then her hair got even more orange and her scene got even darker.

i’m not quite sure where this girl is going…but i’m excited to find out and see just how she and her story evolves from here!


  1. Hi Juliette – what is it about whimsical girly faces, i'm in love with painting them too. the backgrounds are fun – sometimes tricky – sometimes very revealing as they seem to tell a lot of the story. i'm green about the flora bowley workshop – share lots when you get back – enjoy and have fun.

  2. I love how you show us your process. It was fun to see how you kept changing the scene. The end result was very unpredictable. You art is fun and charming.

  3. she is very pretty, in all her colour states. you always, generously let whats inside you out, for us all to find joy in. thanx

  4. Elle sublime dans une harmonie de couleurs…
    Beau travail.

  5. hmmmm… i have to say I do like them all but I really love the first one.

  6. i really like it juliette!

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