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a painting in progress

this painting has evolved so many times. and i just can’t seem to finish it.

image by Yoshitoma Nara, taken from Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody’s Fool

lately i’ve been especially inspired by artist, yoshitomo nara. i saw a wonderful documentary on him, his art and exhibitions called Traveling With Yoshitomo Nara

image by Yoshitoma Nara, taken from Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody’s Fool

Then I picked up the book Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody’s Fool

And ever since, I’ve had it on my mind to paint close-up self-portraits inspired by Nara’s artwork., especially now that I’m painting larger pieces.

I’ve been photographing them along the way too… and this one started out as this girl in a sweet red dress (inspired by a red velvet dress I wanted to wear every day when I was little).

And looking at this in-progress photo now, I love this piece…and i wonder why on earth didn’t i stick with that girl?

And then she evolved into this blond girl…and I have to say, especially since I’m having trouble finding and keeping this girl’s eyes, I’m loving her now too.

But with this girl, I just haven’t been able to stop. 

And when she
finally got this crazy hair…I really fell in love with her!

She currently looks pretty much like this. i hate to white out her eyes again, but something just isn’t speaking to me. So I’ve been looking at her every day…standing back and wondering. i’m happy to be giving it all a bit of time, because i know she will come into herself…but i am just wondering what this painting will turn into next. 


once she’s finished, i’ll share with you all of the in-progress shots…quite a story behind this piece too.


  1. I think she looks great just like this. But it's your work, follow your instincts.
    Kyles =D

  2. She;s looking lovely. Love her hair!

  3. this post makes me smile…
    : )

  4. I love seeing all the incarnations of your girls. Isn't it amazing how the painting will eventually speak to you, and inform you of where to go next? I finally started painting again and have constantly been amazed at what little creatures appear before me!

    I'm loving your wild and fiery redhead – can't wait to see how she evolves next!


  5. Sweet Juliette,

    I have always LoVed your little girls !
    Each one seems to have such a unique personality all of her own,
    and I enjoy seeing how they evolve, just as we do !
    Beautiful work, thank you for sharing !

    XoX p

  6. thank you so much! i'm loving her hair too and am excited to share her story 🙂

  7. I love your girl paintings!

  8. don't white out her eyes–give her some blue eye shadow, darken under her nose a little and define her lips a little more and since I'm giving my opinion–you've got it. Sometimes you have to know when to stop 😉

  9. this is absolutely my favorite piece of yours! keep up the discoveries!

  10. YOur girls are just as wonderful as your sweet little owls, loving them all. That red hair is just wonderfull. Keep on keeping on

  11. I especially love the crazy hair girl, but they are all so pretty! I love the velvet dress inspired by your own, so sweet!

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