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A NEW VIDEO: Serendipity & An Amazing Journey

Juliette Crane

It has been so inspiring to see all of the artwork that has been created by students in my online course SERENDIPITY- A YEAR IN MIXED MEDIA.

I love looking back at my own painting videos because it reminds me how many layers and layers it took to get to the finished painting.

That’s why I’m always sharing my paintings from start to finish because when you see a finished painting, you assume it’s just that. But you don’t get to see all of the beautiful mistakes and starts and stops that got me frustrated and then led to that final piece.

It’s all part of my creative process and I’ve been having so much fun creating these new paintings, I thought I’d share a snip-it from one of my favorites with you…

Watch the video on YouTube here.

I hope you enjoy this video of The Amazing Journey.

With music by my friends’ The Wiggly Tendrils.

In class, I slow down most of the video from start to finish and talk you through each step, so you can see just how every layer got there and know why I create the way I do to make it easiest for you to paint too.

I can’t wait to see the gorgeous artwork you create!

Juliette Crane


ps. If you’d like to join us in class, register for SERENDIPITY here.

pps. I’ll post a little showcase of some of the gorgeous artwork created by SERENDIPITY students soon. In the meantime, you can see some of the past work created in my classes here.

ppps. Watch more of my free mixed media painting videos here.

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