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a new painting!

TITLE: Footsteps On Quiet Ground.
Prints available in my etsy shop

i’ve been having a tricky time with my paintings. i hadn’t been giving my creative self enough time to really play and have fun. every time i got out my paints, i felt i had to create something good. and that just wasn’t working.

so last week, i finally set aside some painting time. i also took the time to really set myself up outside. i love painting in my backyard, but i’d gotten lazy and just laid out my canvases in the grass to paint. but this time, i made sure to do it right and set up my sawhorses with a sheet of drywall for my table on top. then i put out all of my supplies, with my little cart on wheels to keep me organized. and i remembered the thing i’d most been forgetting…music. 

setting up this space and making it just perfect for myself made all of the creativity flow. this painting was one that happily evolved without lots of painting over again and again. it’s a piece that as i painted, i just cleared my head and followed my instincts without ever second guessing. 

TITLE: Footsteps On Quiet Ground. 
Prints available in my etsy shop

as soon as she was finished, i knew her story. but it never occurred to me before. she’s all about imagination and playing as a child…making up magical worlds and pretending they exist after you’ve been tucked in for bed at night. that freedom of not holding back…just letting your imagination go and feeling happy.

this piece was created using all sorts of materials…acrylic paints, spray paint, india ink, pastel, charcoal, pencil and origami paper. on top, i applied an antique decoupage finish to add extra softness and protect the painting from the elements


  1. Love this painting! And the progression shots are always fun to see, thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember those times. 🙂 I have no idea where my imagination has gone over the years. The painting is awesome and I love how you set your studio up outside. I have to get those wheels for myself. 🙂 I have a box now I have to cary around.

  3. It's easy to forget how important it is to give ourselves time to play. I love this painting and her story.

    So excited to have signed up for your e-course, speaking of giving ourselves time to play.

  4. Oh i love her, she is adorable and beautiful. SO important to play and she looks like she's been up to all sorts of fun things. xxx

  5. thank you! i completely remember imagining so many worlds as a child, and they're definitely all coming out in my new work now 🙂

    can't wait for class to really get going, cathy!

  6. i seem to hit this issue all the time. i will have an amazing week and the next two weeks are nothing but interruptions or events that slow that creative self nurturing time to a minimum.

    this girls face screams of colleen my niece. i just want to scoop her up.

    you simply push me to be better. just so you know.

  7. Juliette…I really love this piece. She reminds me of my 8 year old daughter…who is a thinker as well as thoughtful.

  8. thank you, kelly 🙂

    that's so fun that this girl seems to emanate the look of so many young girls. i instantly thought of photos i'd seen of my mom as a child and of me too 🙂

  9. I love this Juliette! The colors are wonderful! I know what you mean about forgetting to play. We put so much pressure on ourselves. We have to learn to let gooooo. Be free to create. She is really sweet.

  10. What a great character – I love her story.

  11. fantastic and I loved watching the work unfold! Sanna

  12. She's so lovely with her soft pink cheeks… she could be a cherub…

  13. I love this one… she is an absolute doll! (So fun to see the process too!)


  14. Always love seeing your work. You have so inspired me with that sweet little owl and this little girl is just to cute. I think sometimes our creativity just takes a day off don't you ? xoxox

  15. Love the story behind! And the painting turned out gorgeous.

  16. What an absolutely beautiful painting. I love seeing the different layers and stages – I love it when artists show these parts! It's just gorgeous, and glad you got your mojo back! I lose mine ever so frequently, so know how that feels. Might try getting outside and putting the music on like you did. Especially if this is the outcome! xx

  17. This is a lovely post. I think us artists can put alot of pressure on our selves, so lovely to see you made a beautiful painting that flowed well for you.

  18. Ah Juliette she is wonderful – I can empathise with that feeling of not having enough time and therefor putting pressure on oneself for everything you create to be 'good' – congratulations to you for taking the time out to let yourself play and the result is wonderful. thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog – I look forward to seeing more of your posts x

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