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Juliette Crane

Prints available here

This is the October project for my online course SERENDIPITY- A Year In Mixed Media.

It was a painting I created to demonstrate two characters based on inspirations from some of my past paintings.

However, as I was painting, I realized I was “trying” so hard to paint certain things and to make the left character a moon and the right character a girl.

Because I was “trying” I stopped having fun.

Then I remembered these characters could be whatever I dream. And from there, the painting evolved into a new story I never would have thought of.

For this piece I used some of my favorite art supplies (especially when I got stuck)… shiva oil paint sticks, spray paints, tissue papers, cookbook pages, acrylics, and water soluble oil pastels.
My favorite part in this painting is the rainbow on the bear’s forehead. That was one of those beautiful mistakes- something I never could have planned for, but that I let work into the painting.

I had been painting something in the girl and smudged red all across the bear’s forehead. Instead of covering it up, I made it into a rainbow.

The original Star Rising has sold, but you can find prints here in my shop.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane
Juliette Crane

ps. For more art supply inspiration and lots of painting find details on my online courses here.

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