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A NEW PAINTING – She Learned To Give Her Light

Happiness, not in another place but this place… not for another hour, but this hour. -Walt Whitman


This is one of the Bonus Projects in my online workshop Bliss – Mixed Media On Location.

I love this painting because it reminded me to let go and try new things by staying in my comfort zone.

For me, it’s always a balance between trying something new in my artwork that pushes me and my style and going back to the techniques I love, so I don’t get too frustrated with my paintings and give up.

With nearly every painting, I go back and forth… jumping in and out of my comfort zone.

This piece started with the ink spatters and spills I’d been liking in past paintings (which was completely in my comfort zone and got me started).

But I find I can’t repeat the same things, especially characters, or I get bored with my artwork and feel stuck.

So, I added some white paint to my inks and completely brought the background into an ugly, faded phase I wasn’t happy with. I know I always cover up most of my background once I add my characters, so that helped me to play and try something new.

Once I added my character though, that’s when I took this piece too far out of my comfort zone and deeper into an ugly stage. From there, I got frustrated and needed to return to one of my fall-back techniques (something I know almost always works for me to turn a painting around).

And for me, one of my favorite fall-back techniques is painting a character with its eyes closed.

From there, I may end up changing my character. But I at least get back to a point where I am liking my painting again and can move forward from there.

Returning to my comfort zone helps me keep moving forward and taking bold chances. And its helped me to learn to share my light.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


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