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A NEW Painting – Desert Fawn

Juliette Crane

Desert Fawn. Original Painting Available Here. Prints in my shop.


This is the February Project for my online workshop SERENDIPITY – A Year In Mixed Media.

This was one of those paintings that reminded me to let go.

When I started this character, I knew I wanted it to be a sort of new creature based on some of my recent doodles. I’d been sketching all of these characters lying down with elongated bodies. Painting a new character is always a little terrifying, so I played it safe and made her a very cute bear, something I was comfortable with. But as I kept painting and covering other parts up, I really saw my character with giant antlers.

After thinking she needed antlers again and again, but not letting go, I finally covered up the cute little bear ears and made her into this Desert Fawn.

And I am so happy I went for it.

Now this fawn is exactly (well, really close-to) what I saw in my head.

I never, ever paint what I see in my mind because I find it completely stunting that things never turn out the way I plan or as beautiful as I think of them. Instead, it works for me to follow a feeling. So, I suppose, it is better to say this fawn more perfectly matches what I felt she should be.

And that’s how she got her story…

She dreams with the wind, keeping peace in her heart through abundance and calm, knowing her place as the DESERT FAWN.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


  1. so beautifuuuul 🙂 absolutely adore this one ;)*

    • thank you! this is the february project for my online course SERENDIPITY… it’s so fun to look back on the creative process and see how it all evolved.

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