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a new painting: Breathless, She Carries On

BREATHLESS, SHE CARRIES ON. Mixed Media. 10 x 10 inches on wood.  

Prints and the Original Painting available in my etsy shop.

For this painting, I was really in love with the sky and ground and felt it seemed just like being at the ocean. And when this girl appeared, I instantly knew her shape… but it took a bit longer to figure out just who she was and the story she had to tell.

At first, her body seemed to be a bee-hive. But all the while I thought she needed a sandcastle on her head. It seemed very strange, but one of those “follow your instincts” moments, even though I thought, “I have no idea how to draw a sandcastle.” 

But I followed my instincts and from there the rest of the painting fell right into place.

After I had all of the acrylic paint details in place, I wanted to add some paper. When I opened my supply drawer, I found the most perfect colored sandpaper. That’s when I knew this girl just had to be with that sandcastle balanced on her head.

From the deepest depths of the ocean, this girl appears, having taken on all with timeless beauty. She never rests. BREATHLESS, SHE CARRIES ON.


i’ve been working on this really BIG project that means a ton to me. i can’t wait to share the details with you on Wednesday! perhaps you remember this earth mother necklace? well, think of more things you can cherish and wear every day! 

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  1. I loved seeing your process – the unfolding of your intuition in creating this art work. there is something wistful, light, ethereal about your girl, dreamy like sand castles in the air – wonderful stuff!

  2. I always enjoy your behind the scenes……steps to the journey approach of sharing your pieces! She is just lovely 😀

  3. She is beautiful and your work is so inspiring! Love your posts!

  4. Your art is full of whimsy and fun..color and just beautiful. I love to hear the words behind the art though, a nice peek into your process.

  5. Wow, this is really wonderful, I love your style 🙂

  6. So sweet! I love seeing where it starts and the story it takes to the end, as an artist myself it is so inspiring to see the guts it takes to move from one entire color to the next! Wow! You never fail to blow me away!! Great job!! Xxoo
    Vanessa Karin

  7. Hi Juliette. Wow, what a transformation. Love seeing your process and reading the story to go along with it. Glad you followed your intuition. Just signed up for your newsletter. Can't wait to hear the news.

  8. She is so beautiful and adore the sandcastle in her hair – that is adorable – would love to see more of those. I love love love the locket and cannot wait to see what gorgeous delights you have in store from your big project. xxx

  9. What a gorgeous blog and lovely artwork you have here! So nice to discover you tonight 🙂

  10. Your process is so unique to me. It starts off looking one way and before you finish it there are so many huge transformations. It sometimes looks like three or four different paintings in one painting, I'm in total awe I can hardly get through one painting lately!

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