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a new Mixed Media Painting – SET FREE

TITLE: Set Free. Prints available in my shop. Please contact me about the original (10×10″)
one of my favorite things about painting is when a story reveals itself to me in the image. sometimes it happens in the layers. but in the case with this painting SET FREE, it was the final image that told the story.

as i created this piece, i had in mind the ocean at sunset. i knew i wanted to paint a girl with a ruffled dress. but that was about it.

TITLE: Set Free. Prints available in my shop. Please contact me about the original (10×10″)
since her skirt would be a major part of the piece, i wanted to use something different. i hadn’t used much of my vintage wallpaper in a while, so i paged through my books and found wallpaper that featured a front entrance with a little sitting area. and on the wall of that sitting area, just happened to be a painting of a sailboat.

as i finished the ruffles of her dress, i found the torn out sailboat painting on my studio table. i knew that’s what she had to be holding! and so she became my sailboat girl.

i thought she might be gifting someone with that sailboat. and then i saw that she was really walking out to where the waves hit the beach and setting the little boat free. she’d put all of her past stories, disappointments, struggles, and sadness inside, knowing that in letting go, she is forever and finally SET FREE.


i hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

xo, juliette


  1. Wonderful story behind the art! I love your layers and the meanings we attach to our art… It's like sprinkling in the life lessons and emotions !!Keep up the great work because your passion inspired us all!! Xxoo Vanessa

  2. i love the meaning of this piece 🙂 lovely, juliette, she is just lovely! 🙂

  3. Such a sweet piece of art Juliette. The skirt is amazing and as is the story.

  4. oh I love her sweet expression and those ruffles! And all the great pics below too! Oh, that pie!

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