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a new Mixed Media Painting – LULLABY

TITLE: LULLABY Find the original painting and prints in my etsy shop

i’m really in love with this little blue owl. he makes me smile each time i look at him! 

there’s a pretty sweet story for how he got his name too…i’d been staring at the panting and knew its name had to do with songs at night and that it looked like a baby owl. yet, i just couldn’t find the right words.

then i took a break and checked a twitter message from an artist with the word LULLABY in their handle and i knew i’d found the perfect fit! i could hardly believe the synchronicity! 

TITLE: LULLABY Find the original painting and prints in my etsy shop

This little blue owl is shy and sweet, singing you to sleep with its beautiful LULLABY. 

I used all sorts of materials from my studio to create this painting- acrylics, glitter, ink, pencil, pastel, vintage sheet music and origami paper. On top, I applied a homemade antique decoupage, then a layer of wax on top to protect the piece from the elements.

Find the original painting and prints in my etsy shop.


Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Un charmant petit oiseau qui a la musique dans son coeur…
    Gros bisous

  2. thank you 🙂 enjoy the weekend!

  3. Aw, he's so sweet! I love the blue!

  4. He is awesome! Love those eyes

  5. Always so beautiful and inspiring! Love Love Love!

  6. ~in a sea of blue…i can hear its sweet lullaby singing quietly in the deep dark night…soo soo sweet is this painting and the girl as well…be well and much love light and blessings be with you~

  7. Oh my goodness! LOVE your work… so glad I found you on Facebook today.
    Just followed your blog and would love it if you'd follow mine too!

  8. thank you, everyone! have a lovely weekend!

  9. it is really especially sweet! love the name 🙂 xokp

  10. He surely sings sweetly to me…..just adorable, Juliette!

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